They find the missing plane crashed in the mountains

They find the missing plane crashed in the mountains -

The ATR 42-300 aircraft with 54 people -44adultos, five children and five members of his crew aboard the company Indonesian Trigana Air Service , which had disappeared from the radar in the vicinity of Papua New Guinea while covering the route between Jayapura and Oksibil, crashed into a mountain.

the aircraft it was individualized in Bintang region, in the district of Oksibil, remote region of Papua, where he had to land, reported in press conference the director general of the Indonesian air transport Suprasetyo quoted by the chain CNN . It is unclear if there are survivors.

Previously, on twitter service Indonesian emergency Basarnas had stated that the flight did not arrive at their destination and in the weather conditions were very bad, with rain, winds and fog

the aviation police base Sentani and other relief teams are performing tasks in place

Source:.. infonews

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