Spain: Argentine stopped with 1.5 tons of cocaine

Spain: Argentine stopped with 1.5 tons of cocaine -

The Spanish Guardia Civil arrested ten people and kidnapped a ton and a half of cocaine in an operation against drug traffickers who introduced drug Spain from South America.

researchers have found that it is a perfectly structured organization that introduced the drug in Spain by pleasure boats. The operations were carried out in Galicia, Madrid, Basque Country, Aragon and Cantabria.

This is the operation Paraka , in which have been arrested four Spaniards, three Argentine, Paraguayan, a Dutch and an English as alleged members of a criminal organization dedicated to drug trafficking and money laundering.

the investigation began when the Civil Guard intercepted two vehicles in the province of Zaragoza, inside which were seized 98 kilos of cocaine at which we proceeded to stop drivers. The result of these arrests the agents set up a series of actions that led to locate a property in the province of Vizcaya capable of storing a large amount of cocaine.

After an eye on it and location most of those involved and proceeded to register ton and a half of cocaine intervened. The latest arrests and house searches, up to a total of four, were carried out this month and managed to apprehend eleven kilos of hashish, cash and a significant amount of computer electronic equipment.

Specifically, in addition to drugs and other effects three frequency inhibitors, navigation systems used to transport drugs in boats, 12 vehicles and 21,500 euros in cash.

researchers have found that the organization was well structured and had different content without many of its components, as a safety precaution, they have relationship.

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