Russia claims to have destroyed strongholds of Islamic State

Russia claims to have destroyed strongholds of Islamic State -

Russia reported that the Air Force destroyed at least two command centers, two training camps and other facilities jihadist Islamic State (EI) in the bombings that took place on the eve on Syrian territory.
"the Su-24M aircraft Su-34 and Su-25 made 18 flights during which they performed six attacks against targets of the Islamic State, "said ministry spokesman Russian Defense Igor Konashenkov, in their evening party.
Russian aircraft, which performed more than thirty flight missions since Wednesday destroyed Friday an checkpoint and an explosives factory in the province of Idlib, and overnight a command center and a golf jihadist training in al-Raqqa, which is, de facto, the capital of the caliphate proclaimed by EI July 2014.
in three days the Russian air force has bombed strongholds of EI or Al-Nusra Front, Syrian branch of Al Qaeda in five provinces. Homs, Hama, Aleppo, Idlib and Al Raqqa
Russia's strategic goal is to create a security belt between the positions of the Syrian Army in Damascus, Aleppo and Latakia and jihadist militias that bombing must force to retreat into and give up its expansion plans to the Mediterranean coast.
"in a matter of days or weeks Russian aviation force jihadists to retreat. They will have to hide in tunnels and bunkers. Will be the turning point in the war in Syria, "said Leonid Ivashov, a former Soviet general and head of the Academy of Geopolitical Affairs of Russia, quoted by the news agency EFE.
Ivashov predicted that" if countries Persian Gulf, such as Qatar, disaffection with the terrorists, then the war would end in two months at most, and EI disintegrate ".
otherwise, the Syrian army, with only the help of Russia and Kurdish militias, "will need half a year to end the jihadist resistance".
the Soviet general retired believes that the EI "is not a formidable military threat", but has the support of the United States and Saudi Arabia, They will provide weapons and ammunition, and Turkey, which buys oil.
in this regard, the Russian authorities believe that the coalition has not only slowed the progress of the jihadists, but has used them as a battering ram to weaken the Syrian army and attempting to overthrow Assad.
Russia today showed the first images of its stationed at the airbase of Latakia on the Mediterranean coast of Syria aircraft whose safety is guaranteed by a battalion of marines.
a video broadcast by the television channel RT can be seen landing a versatile bomber Su-24, which returns to base after completing a combat mission.
More than 50 aircraft and Russian helicopters taking part in the military mission has deployed Moscow in Syria.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia's enemies are the same as those of the anti-terrorist alliance (US, UK, France, Germany, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar) fighting jihadists in the Middle East.
However, the coalition today issued a joint statement urging you to Moscow not attack or the political opposition in Syria or civilians, and to focus exclusively military action against jihadists.
"We express our deep concern with the attacks of the Russian air force on Hama, Homs and Idlib yesterday that have caused civilian casualties and were not intended Daesh (EI)," said a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry Turkish.
the Russian defense Minister, who described as "pure nonsense" these accusations, considered them an "information provocation", because the accusations are not supported by any objective data, noting that Russia offers daily parties photos and videos on their operations on Syrian territory.
Moscow ensured that all attacks of Russian aviation are directed exclusively against jihadist positions and in no case against civilians, against allegations to the contrary of the Syrian opposition.
in that sense, yesterday Russian President Vladimir Putin, denied reports of civilian casualties in Syria as a result of air strikes in support of the government of Bashar Al Assad.
"we are ready for this type of information attacks. The first news of casualties among civilians appeared before it took off our planes, "Putin said in a speech live on Russian TV

Source:. Telam

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