France returns to bomb Syrian territory

France returns to bomb Syrian territory -

French planes bombed the city Raqqa again. As reported to the press, the attacks were aimed positions jihadist group Islamic State (EI) , in response to the attacks on Friday in Paris.

However, by bombarding an urban area, it is inevitable collateral damage.

"the Army has executed a second time in the space of 24 hours one air strike against the Islamic State in Raqqa" announced the Ministry of Defence, as reported by the radio station France info.

according to official information, a command center and a training center of the extremist training were destroyed during the attacks, which involved a total ten aircraft Rafale and Mirage.

However, residents of the city of Raqqa, suffered the destruction of their homes. is not yet able to confirm the number of fatalities that left the bombing.

The French aircraft mentioned, took off from Jordan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

on this second day of attacks which follows an almost identical night Sunday- made ten aircraft took off from bases in Jordan and the Persian Gulf and dropped 16 bombs on a command center and a training camp of the US.

on the other hand, will set sail Wednesday the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle toward the eastern Mediterranean Sea to reinforce the attacks.

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