Greece returns to the polls Sunday

Greece returns to the polls Sunday -

Amid persistent economic and political crisis, eleven million Greeks are called to vote on Sunday in a hotly contested general election early, with a slight advantage of the leftist Syriza over his main rival.

the advance of the elections, after only seven months in office of the leader of Syriza Alexis Tsipras , is then produced his resignation last month shortly after suffering a rebellion of the more radical wing of the party by the bailout deal with the European creditors of the country, the third since 2010, signed although a majority rejected it in a referendum only days earlier.

the highly polarized political atmosphere in the country was evident yesterday during the closing ceremony campaign ND, when their leader Vangelis Meimarakis , tried to be confident of victory his party and launched fine against Syriza and Tsipras darts.

"I think people do not want more experiments Syriza, do not want any more lies. We must end the inept, with the lie ... the Syriza experiment will end on Sunday, "predicted Meimarakis before thousands of fans who came to ND's central Omonia Square in Athens to hear.

Meimarakis listed unfulfilled promises and the economic damage that, in his opinion, contributed to the country's former premier during his seven months in office, since taking office in January until his resignation last month.

the season finale Syriza, meanwhile, is scheduled for this afternoon with an act which will have the support of several leaders of the European left, including the Spanish Pablo Iglesias, who already endorsed in the final rally of the January elections.

the event was held in the emblematic Syntagma square, next to the Parliament, and will be the last of all those held in this campaign that lasted only three weeks.

Tsipras did not rule today work with the

socialist party PASOK or centrist parties Potami as potential partners. "Our goal is to get a majority government," he said in remarks to channel Antenna TV , and emphasized that "even if no get most we will have a government in the first round of consultations. "

in the season finale today will participate besides the Spanish leader we can- the head of the parliamentary group of the German party Die Linke Gregor Gysi and secretary General of the French Communist Party, Pierre Laurent, appropriated news agency EFE .

the presence of prominent European progressive leaders highlights the importance of these elections for this band ideological across the continent, and demonstrates how far the result can be a possible platform that projected or make decline in their respective countries.

the elections are shaping up as the closest in the past 15 years, and two days before the appointment at the polls, all polls show a tie between conservatives and leftists.

a record on voting intentions released yesterday by the company ARCO information site for NewsIt ( ) gave Syriza 25.3%, an advantage of 0.3% ahead of ND, which gets 25%, and in third place although very alejado-, the far-right Golden Dawn stands, with 6.2% .

Another survey conducted between 12 and 13 September by the University of Macedonia for Skai chain and daily Kathimerini, ND would get a slight advantage over Syriza, with 30% against 29.5% .

the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn would be third with between 6.5% and 7.5%, followed by social democratic Pasok and the centrist to Potami, both with around 5%.

According to the survey, 10% of Greeks are still undecided, while another 5.3% say they do not intend to vote in these elections, the third this year, after the general elections and the referendum January 5 . July on the terms of the agreement with creditors for the third rescue

Source: Telam

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