Illuminati Satanists Rule the World, Not Politicians, Bankers or Military Heads

Black magic is the force that rules the world, so it is the Satanic black magicians which constitute the true controllers of the world – at least in the human Earthly realm.

The Satanic black magicians pull the strings, not politicians, corporate bosses, military heads, intelligence chiefs or even international bankers – although they also hold many of those roles.

The NWO (New World Order) elite fulfill a hidden role and an outer, more respectable public role. While many Satanic black magicians are also businessmen and bankers, their true ruling power comes from Satanism and the twisted use of humanity’s creative power (black magic), which they then use in their secular roles in society.

Symbols Rule the World

Black magicians rule the world, not politicians, bankers or military heads.
Black magic harnessed through Satanic ritual is the dark force behind it the NWO conspiracy.

Remember the saying of the Chinese sage Lao-Tzu, who said that “symbols rule the world, not rules or laws”? Symbols communicate at a deeper level than words, because they are decoded by the right, intuitive brain, whereas words are decoded by the left, logical brain.

Symbols are able to penetrate more deeply into our subconscious, which is why the elite are so obsessed with their occult corporate and governmental logos of red crosses, rising suns, all-seeing eyes, pyramids, 666, the rings of Saturn and inverted pentagrams (check out the work of Freeman who has done a great job exposing this).

Words attempt to rule the world, but they can never be as powerful as symbols.

Likewise, black magic rules the world. Governments and corporations attempt to rule the world, but they can never be as powerful as black magic.

Before looking at the evidence of elite use of black magic, it is worthwhile remembering a defining aspect of Satanism: the inversion of everything. Black is white, bad is good, wrong is right. This is why the inverted pentagram is such a popular Satanic symbol. 


Winnipeg 70 Anos Del Mejor Poema De

Hoy se cumplen 70 años de que fletó un barco para llevar refugiados de la guerra civil española a Chile . Sobrevivientes e
hijos de ese episodio rendirán homenaje al poeta en Palacio de la Moneda.

El 3 de setiembre de 1939, 2.365 republicanos españoles desembarcaron en Valparaíso. Su viaje a bordo del Winnipeg, un barco fletado por el poeta Pablo Neruda , fue uno de los capítulos más destacados del exilio español tras la Guerra Civil. Esta semana, cuando se cumplen 70 años de su travesía, algunos de los poco más de 200 pasajeros del Winnipeg que siguen vivos rendirán homenaje al poeta que les ofreció una vida nueva.

La noche del 2 de setiembre de 1939, el Winnipeg, un viejo carguero francés, atracó en el puerto de Valparaíso. La mayoría de los 2.365 republicanos españoles que viajaban en él pasó aquella noche en cubierta, con la mirada puesta en los cerros iluminados de la ciudad.

Pero la historia del carguero comienza meses antes, en el invierno de 1939, en los últimos coletazos de la Guerra Civil Española.
Con el ejército republicano en retirada, miles de republicanos, cerca de 500.000 según las cifras oficiales de la época, cruzaron la frontera entre Francia y España camino del exilio.

“La mayoría de estos refugiados fue confinado en campos de concentración, cercados por alambradas en un invierno especialmente frío, en pésimas condiciones higiénicas y mal alimentados”, comentó a BBC Mundo el profesor chileno Jaime Ferrer Mir, hijo de uno de los pasajeros del Winnipeg y autor del libro Winnipeg: el barco de la esperanza.

Las noticias de la derrota republicana y de las condiciones deplorables de los exiliados españoles llegaron a oídos de Pablo Neruda.
“Neruda fue a hablar con Aguirre Cerda y le pidió que lo nombrara cónsul para la emigración española hacia Chile. Y el presidente le hizo un encargo: ‘Sí, tráigame millares de españoles, pescadores, vascos, castellanos, extremeños… Tenemos trabajo para todos’”, relató Ferrer. En Chile había ocurrido un terremoto.

Y con este encargo, Neruda viajó a París. Allí, el poeta entró en contacto con el Servicio de Evacuación de Refugiados Españoles (SERE), que comenzó a enviar cartas a aquellos que escapaban de la guerra.

El 4 de agosto de 1939, el Winnipeg zarpó rumbo a Valparaíso con 2.365 pasajeros a bordo. El 3 de setiembre de 1939, los refugiados españoles del barco de Neruda desembarcaron en Chile.

Esta semana, 70 años después, la Fundación Neruda y la Agrupación Winnipeg recordarán al poeta chileno. “En el Palacio de la Moneda se rendirá un homenaje a Neruda y a los españoles que llegaron en el Winnipeg y algunos de ellos arrojarán tierra española sobre la tumba de Neruda en Isla Negra”, dice Ferrer.

Cuando apenas sobreviven 200 de los pasajeros, las palabras de Neruda sobre el Winnipeg siguen resonando: “Que la crítica borre toda mi poesía, si le parece. Pero este poema, que hoy recuerdo, no podrá borrarlo nadie”.

El dato

El winnipeg. El viejo carguero de la Compañía Francesa de Navegación había servido para transportar tropas en la Primera Guerra Mundial. Aunque ya no estaba acostumbrado a largas distancias ni a tripulaciones de más de 20 personas, en sus bodegas se instalaron literas para más de 2.000 personas. (Fama)

International Women’s Day

Intercontinental Women’s Day (IWD), formerly called International Working The female Day is marked about the 8th of March annually. It is a major day of worldwide celebration for the economic, politics and social achievements of girls.

Started as a political celebration, the holiday blended in the traditions of many countries (primarily typically the Russian Federation and the international locations of former Soviet bloc).
In some celebrations, the day missing its political flavour, to become simply an occasion for men to show their love to the women surrounding them in a somewhat similar to Single parent's Day and Valentine's Day: the price tag on romance mixed together. Throughout others, however , the community and human rights design as designated by the Us runs strong, and governmental and social awareness of often the struggles of women worldwide are generally brought out and examined in the hopeful manner.

“It can be a day when women are notable for their achievements without context to divisions, whether country wide, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, monetary or political. It is an celebration for looking back about past struggles and triumphs, and more importantly, for looking forward to the untapped potential along with opportunities that await foreseeable future generations of women. ” (United Nations Women Watch)

IWD is also celebrated as the initial spring holiday, as in the actual listed countries (see below) the first day of March is definitely the first day of the planting season season.


Intercontinental Women’s Day first came forth from the activities of labor movements at the turn of typically the twentieth century in America and across Europe.

1909: The first National Woman’s Moment was observed in the Male or female Equality in the United States of North america of America on 36 February. The Socialist Bash of America designated at the present time in honour of the 1908 garment workers’ strike within New York, where women protested against working conditions.
1910: The Socialist International, getting together with in Copenhagen, established some sort of Women’s Day, international inside character, to honour often the movement for women’s protection under the law and to build support with regard to achieving universal suffrage for girls. The proposal submitted with the German Socialist Clara Zetkin was greeted with unanimous approval by the conference involving over 100 women via 17 countries, which included the initial three women elected on the Finnish Parliament. No permanent date was selected to the observance.
1911: As a result of the actual Copenhagen initiative, International The female Day was marked at last (19 March) in Luxembourg, Denmark, Germany and Arosa, switzerland, where more than one million the sexes attended rallies. In addition to the to certainly vote and to hold open public office, they demanded the female rights to work, to business training and to an end for you to discrimination on the job.
Among various other relevant historic events, the idea came to commemorate the (25 March 1911) Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire (90 ladies or women killed amid 148 dead).

1913-1914: Foreign Women’s Day also started to be a mechanism for protesting World War I. Contained in the peace movement, Russian females observed their first Worldwide Women’s Day on the very last Sunday in February. Anywhere else in Europe, on or just around 8 March of the pursuing year, women held rallies either to protest the particular war or to express unification with other activists.
1917: Contrary to the backdrop of the war, ladies in Russia again thought to protest and strike regarding ‘Bread and Peace’ about the last Sunday in March (which fell on 6 March on the Gregorian calendar). Four days later, typically the Czar abdicated and the interino Government granted women the justification to vote.

Women’s Day in modern culture

The day remains an official holiday in Albania , Armenia , Azerbaijan , Belarus , Gender Equality in Gender Equality in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Herzegovina, Bulgaria , China , Cuba , Italy , Kazakhstan , Kyrgyzstan , Macedonia, Moldova , Mongolia , Gender Equality in Serbia and Montenegro and Montenegro, the Russian Federation , Serbia and Montenegro , Tajikistan , Ukraine , Uzbekistan , and Vietnam , and is observed by men giving the women in their lives – mothers, wives, girlfriends, colleagues, etc., flowers and small gifts. In some countries it is also observed as an equivalent of Mother’s Day, where children also give small presents to their mothers and grandmothers.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union celebrations of IWD were abandoned in Armenia. Instead April 7 was introduced as state holiday of ‘Beauty and Motherhood.’ The new holiday immediately got popular among Armenians, as it commemorates one of the main holidays of Armenian Church, Annunciation. However, people still kept celebrating IWD on March 8 as well. Public discussion held on the topic of two ‘Women’s Days’ in Armenia resulted in the recognition of the so called ‘Women’s Month’ which is the period between March 8 and April 7.

In Italy , to celebrate the day, men give yellow mimosas to women. Yellow mimosas and chocolate are also one of the most common March 8 presents in Russia.

In Gender Equality in Gender Equality in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Herzegovina, Brazil , Croatia , Hungary , Gender Equality in Serbia and Montenegro and Montenegro, Poland , Bulgaria , Romania , Serbia and Montenegro and Macedonia , the custom of giving women flowers still prevails. Women usually get gifts from their employers too. School children often bring gifts for their teachers as well.

In India , IWD holds a lot of significance. Many celebrations are held during the day. This portrays the power of women in the modern era and how vital their role is in the society.

In 1975, which had been designated as International Women’s Year, the United Nations the United Nations began celebrating International Women’s Day on 8 March.

Two years later, in December 1977, the General Assembly adopted a resolution proclaiming a United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace to be observed on any day of the year by Member States, in accordance with their historical and national traditions. “In adopting its resolution, the General Assembly recognized the role of women in peace efforts and development and urged an end to discrimination and an increase of support for women’s full and equal participation.”

The 2005 Congress (conference) of the British Trades Union Congress overwhelmingly approved a resolution calling for IWD to be designated a public holiday in the United Kingdom.

Today many events are held by women’s groups around the world. The global women’s organization Aurora hosts a free worldwide register of IWD local events ( so that women and the media can locate local activity. Many governments and organisations around the world support IWD. For example, HSBC hosts a range of IWD activity including co-hosting of the the United Kingdom ‘s flagship IWD event with women’s group Aurora. Global interest in IWD shows a steady increase.

Law enforcement officials Pursuit of Stolen Cruiser Around Los Angeles Ends in Shooting

Typically the high-speed pursuit of a taken cruiser came to a remarkable end in a Southern California highroad Sunday after officers rammed the patrol unit and after that opened fire, authorities proved.
The officer-involved shooting took place at the end of the chase as soon as the driver of the stolen cruiser motorcycle was cornered in an underpass in Glendale, Glendale authorities confirmed.

Police began following a stolen police cruiser in the western world Covina area Sunday with 9: 45 p. meters.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff Department said that West Covina police were in pursuit of their particular cruiser, and that no ARE GENERALLY County Sheriff's units have been involved.
The driver reach excess speeds of a hundred mph, as well as drove around the wrong side of the highway, weaving on and off of SoCal freeways.
The pursuit reached a dramatic end on Jackson and Colorado Roadways in Glendale.

The operater of the cruiser entered a great alley and officers rammed the car.
The driver arised reverse and sped in reverse through they alley just before officers wedged the cruiser motorbike with their patrol units. Often the suspect hit the gasoline, and the tires began smoking cigarettes as they burned rubber.
Representatives approached the cruiser together with guns drawn at 15: 45 p. m.
A great officer-involved shooting occurred. Police force did not say whether the suppose opened fire on them.
Police officers also did not immediately reply to the driver's condition.

Wide Variety Of Refugees Lower Than Expected?

One million many people been registered according to the Federal Ministry of the Interior in 2015 with Germany as refugees. According to the Left side Party, there were only 600, 000. For the discrepancy, there are several reasons.

vitamin e number of refugees in Germany has got risen by less information the very "tageszeitung" than previously thought. On the end of 2014 until the stop of 2015, the number had grown up to nearly 600, 000 consumers. In contrast, stood the federal insides ministry, which in 2015 a million people were registered as refugees around Germany. The discrepancy is the result of double counting and more traveled, deported and returned refugees, the documents said in its Saturday edition, citing estimates of the Left Party.
As per the latest figures from the Federal Government the finale of 2015, 950, 000 individuals were living as refugees with different coverage status in Germany, writes "taz". This number is based on a small get of the Left Party in the Bundestag.
In addition therefore came around 400, 000 people who were registered to the border as refugees according to the Govt Office for Migration and Toit (BAMF), but were still allowed to make an asylum application until the conclude, 2015. End of 2014 shared a home according to federal government already 627, 000 Escaped in Germany, so that the phone number was so increased by more or less 600, 000, according to the newspaper article last year.

Particularly strong increase was initially of those who were given refugee level under the Geneva Convention, from 109, 000 the end of 2014 towards 211, 000 end of in '09. The number of ongoing asylum procedures is certainly therefore much higher, by the end of 2014 178, 000 to 350, 000. According to the Bamf 2014 received around 25 percent of applicants for asylum or refugee status. This pourcentage increased in 2015 to 72 per cent.

Victim Data Events Mina

The Goverment of the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia Is Conducting The evacuation process and data inventory of the victim, both for the survivors and the dead world. Due to this incident caused casualties from various countries, the identification process will require a fairly long time with pay attention to the precautionary principle in order to obtain the data is correct and valid.