Declare a state of emergency in France

Declare a state of emergency in France -

French President François Hollande , it has adopted the measure declaring the state of emergency in the country and the closure of borders, to the series of attacks that have occurred tonight. (See: France: more than 150 dead, wounded and hostages)

In addition, the head of state has called a meeting of the council of ministers with special character tonight to take extraordinary measures


Hollande has sent a message: "We know who you are" and ended his speech with a "live the Republic, long live France"

the president of France has called the attacks Friday in Paris as ". unprecedented terrorist attacks. " "The terrorists want us to be afraid, but we will defeat them", said the French president. "There is much to fear, but we have to face that fear as a nation that knows how to join forces and confront the terrorists," he said.

The Paris city hall and the police have asked the population not to leave their homes under any circumstances, since it is possible that terrorist groups have not yet located. At least 1,500 troops of the French security forces are deployed in the area.

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