Brazil: Rousseff eliminated ministries to address the crisis

Brazil: Rousseff eliminated ministries to address the crisis -

The president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff , announced Friday reform his cabinet, which goes from 39 to 31 ministries, with the aim of reduce social spending, cover the primary deficit of 0.5 percent, but hold social programs.

this change also the output of the head of the Civil House of the Presidency, Aloizio Mercadante was formalized, and the number of portfolios increases by the allied Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB) of the Workers Party (PT), the main political force supporting Roussef f.

cutting total was ten positions, as he had already announced the Brazilian president in the past month, but others turn out to be the merger of extinct organisms were created.

The reform also includes the elimination of 30 departments and 3,000 counts of-the trust that grant the owners or directors of public agencies without any competition-, the reduction of 10 percent of wages ministers and spending limits portfolios, highlights the agency Telam .

with this announcement, the president of Brazil hopes to reduce expenses this year about 50 million .

It is estimated that the change of Aloízio Mercadante by the Minister of Defense of Brazil, Jaques Wagner, is due to the recommendation of former President Luis Inacio "Lula" Da Silva because of the criticism he has received the PT, which currently have three portfolios.

decisions Rousseff obey seek greater support from the PMDB, in order that in the Congress progress on fiscal adjustment and to curb any request for opening of impeachment against him that could lead to his dismissal.

Rousseff said these measures can alleviate the crisis . economic life of their country, a fact which has also been exploited by the most radical opposition from Brazil to ask her out

Source: Telesur

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