It began as diplomatic peace summit Syria

It began as diplomatic peace summit Syria -

began in Vienna Austria , the largest diplomatic summit on the future of Syria to attempt a peaceful resolution to the war for four years and caused more than 250,000 deaths solution.

the importance is also that, for the first time, the meeting involved all international actors in the conflict between including the main allies of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Russia and Iran , and their main detractors, United States Saudi Arabia and Turkey , reported the news agency EFE . However, neither the Syrian government nor the opposition coalition (Syrian National Coalition), will witness the meeting.

Before the start of the meeting, German Foreign Minister, Frank Walter Steinmeier, acknowledged that a political solution the Syrian conflict is still far, but the major players sit down at the same table is a "very important first step" that gives hope "in Syria and throughout the region."

His French counterpart Laurent Fabius stressed that for the first time are "the biggest players in the Syrian drama" together, so he called today's appointment as "very timely".

"we want a free Syria, in full, which is composed by all actors in society, "Fabius, whose country is participating in the international coalition fighting from the air against Islamic terrorism in Syria said.

" it takes major changes. There will have to fight along with way more still effective against terrorism, particularly against Daesh ( Islamic State ), "he said and concluded with one of the issues that divide the different actors. the continuity of Syrian President

"we must organize the political transition and obviously Bashar Al Assad, who is largely responsible for the Syrian drama, can not be part of the future of Syria," reiterated the French minister, in dissonance with what they think Iran and China.

for his part, Philip Hammond, British Foreign Secretary said on reaching the summit would discuss "a way to establish a process to end the suffering and casualties in Syria."

One of the main points of discussion of the meeting is, indeed, if Assad should relinquish power to ease the transition, as are demanding US and Saudi Arabia, and rejected Iran and Russia.

USA, its Arab allies and the EU have now shown greater flexibility, suggesting that Assad could remain in office for a few months as part of a process of transition and a peaceful solution to the conflict.

the twenty governments at the summit and the European Union and UN , have the challenge of formulating an acceptable for both the Syrian government and the opposition militias backed by the US and its Arab allies plan.

Source: Telam

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