CFK called "tear down taboos and prejudices" against women

CFK called "tear down taboos and prejudices" against women -

President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner urged today from United Nations to " knock down taboos and prejudices "to end discrimination against women, during a speech to top leaders at a meeting on gender equality held in the framework of the 70th UN General Assembly based in New York speech.

"Dreaming of gender equality in an unequal country with great social divide is simply rhetoric or illusion," said the President during a brief intervention in Meeting of World Leaders on gender equality and Empowerment of Women , held this morning at the headquarters of the organization under the leadership of Chinese President Xi Jinping .

Cristina, preceded by his Brazilian counterpart Dilma Rousseff took advantage of the three-minute speech provided to each president to highlight social inclusion policies deployed by the government during the last decade and stressed the need to end the "cultural discrimination" against women.

" even those who occupy a high level in the first magistracy of the country, the criticisms we receive are not political criticism but sexist criticism, "said the head of state to the applause of all present, among whom were German Chancellor Angela Merkel ; French President Francois Hollande ; his pair of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto ; and the Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki Moon .

"I want to make a strong appeal to the hearts and minds to break down taboos and prejudices about us and the criticism we receive they are exactly the same lines that you are men who do not have to do with our sex, "he said.

also urged to" break structural boundaries that have viewed women for centuries an inferior or less intelligent than men "and called for promoting gender policies" aimed to culture. "

" that empowering women is not only a matter of obligation to sign conventions, but that deep conviction the hearts of men and even women themselves often discriminate us between us, "he said." that must be the struggle and women must face it with greater force. "

on the situation in Argentina, the President highlighted the "high degree of equality" achieved through policies such as universal child allowance, allowance pregnancy and "intense promotion of public education along with gender identity and protection of women, has generated a sharp reduction in inequality. "

" This process has brought she added inclusion also entail a greater chance of equality for women ". He cited as examples the high level of female presence in Argentina college tuition, as well as participation of women in Parliament that "outperforms established by the laws."

also highlighted have been " a woman president re-elected, "referring to his second term as a woman in charge of the executive branch.

Upon completion of his speech, the head of State returned to the hotel Mandarin, across from Central Park in Manhattan, area known as Columbus Circle, where he is staying since yesterday morning when he arrived in this city from Buenos Aires accompanied by Foreign Minister Hector Timerman ; the Legal and Technical Secretary of the Presidency Carlos Zannini ; . And the head of the Federal Intelligence Agency Oscar Parrilli

In New York joined the procession Argentina's ambassador to Washington, Cecilia Nahon; the head of the mission to the UN, María Perceval ; and from today morning the Minister of Economy and Finance joined axel kicillof .

At the beginning of his speech Cristina thanked Xi Jinping's "determination and will" have supported the holding of the meeting, 20 years after created the Beijing Agenda, which set priorities to discuss igualad gender in the framework of the United Nations.

"Our appreciation and thanks to him, without whose decision and will have been more than difficult to make this gathering of women. "

Xi Jinping, meanwhile, opened the meeting with a call to" eradicate forms of violence, including domestic violence "and called on the leaders gathered in New York to "focus on gender equality."

Mission United Nations began bilateral meetings

President Cristina Fernandez met Sunday with his pair of the PRC Xi Jinping , in the framework of the United Nations in New York.

Cristina had already held meetings with Chinese President during his visit to that country in February in addition to meetings with businessmen.

in prior to this meeting is, Cristina held a bilateral meeting with President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro after the meeting of World Leaders on Gender Equality and . empowerment

At the meeting, the Venezuelan president said that "inequality is the source of all misery"

source:. Telam

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