Unemployment: Spain reaches its best record in four years

Unemployment: Spain reaches its best record in four years -

The number of unemployed in Spain is located for the first time since 2011 below five million, according to Survey . (LFS) published by the National Statistics Institute (INE)

During the third quarter fell by 298,0 to 4.85 million people; so, the unemployment rate fell by 1.2 percentage points to 21.18% of the active population, detailing the agency EFE .

In the past 12 months, employment increased in 544,700 people, while unemployment sectors that created more employment fell by 576,00 people, the biggest decline in a year of historical series that began in 02.

Between July and September were services ( 59,00 fewer unemployed), construction (8,0) and industry (6,300), while increased and agriculture (6,0).

on the other hand, the decline in unemployment was higher among women (168,500 less) than men (129,700).

This increase in employment coincides with the summer season, when traditionally temporary contracts are done.

unemployment is, in all official surveys, the biggest concern Spanish for coexisting there for years with double-digit rates

. Source: Telam

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