Air France wants to lay off about 2,00 workers

Air France wants to lay off about 2,00 workers -

Several airline executives Air France , the French airline, had to flee with the naked torso and climbing fences after the emergence of company workers in a meeting with unions in which they were treating the company plan to eliminate 2,00 jobs.

Hundreds of workers entered the meeting between executives and union representatives who he was held at the headquarters of the company in the Charles De Gaulle international airport shouting "Jouniac resignation," referring to the president of the company, Alexandre de Juniac .

broadcast images for French media showed several individuals with the dress suit broken and one of them, the head of Human Resources of the company, Xavier Brosseta , climbing a fence shirtless.

According to union sources quoted by the newspaper ' Le Figaro' , the company intends to eliminate 300 jobs of pilots, 00 cabin crew and ground staff 1,700 under the plan called Perform 2020.

the management of Air France condemned "vigorously psychological violence" and announced a complaint for "aggravated violence" for what happened

Source:. Telam

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