They tore down an American "Hercules" in Afghanistan

They tore down an American "Hercules" in Afghanistan -

The Taliban said they shot down this morning (local) military transport aircraft Hercules C-130 US in which at least 12 people, including five US soldiers five "civilian contractors" and two Afghan civilians at Jalalabad airport in eastern Afghanistan killed.

"the plane American transport was shot down in a direct attack of the mujahideen when taking off (...) we use a special weapon, but it is a military secret and can not give details, "said Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid , cited by EFE .

the official US figure of 12 killed in the attack was raised to 15 and numerous soldiers by insurgents.

Mujahid said he had been "watching regularly" the military aircraft before dropping him.

Meanwhile, Colonel Brian Tribus , a US military spokesman had acknowledged previously, the loss of the ship which he said he did not know the causes and had no record of violent episodes were recorded near the airport in Jalalabad.

in addition, Tribes clarified that the 12 dead, five are American soldiers five "civilian contractors", whom the nationality is unknown and two Afghan civilians.

the five "civilian contractors" working for the NATO mission "strong support", which has about 4,000 soldiers in Afghanistan, and is dedicated to training and advising forces . Afghan security

The American plane is a model C-130 four-engine, manufactured by Lockheed Martin, normally used to transport military personnel and heavy loads

Source:. Telam

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