Chile: increases to 12 the number of dead and five missing

Chile: increases to 12 the number of dead and five missing -

At least 12 people dead, five missing and 40,000 homes left without power for now, the earthquake 8 4 degrees on the Richter magnitude scale, which occurred on Wednesday in Chile.

the Chilean Interior Minister Jorge Burgos , confirmed the new toll last night after meeting cOMMITTEE Emergency Operations, who heads reported on its website page National Emergency Office of the Chilean Ministry of the Interior (Onemi).

"I would like to point out that the saddest and overshadowing our homelands festivities is the irreparable tragedy that a dozen Chilean families live as involvement of this catastrophe. the first statement we received from the President of the Republic (Michelle Bachelet) is speed up the identification of each and every one of the possible men and women who died, "Ricardo Toro , National director of Onemi Burgos said, noting that so far there are 12 dead and five complaints of alleged misfortune.

Meanwhile, , making stock of the situation, he said recorded nationwide 642 people affected by the earthquake, of which 608 belong to the Region of Coquimbo.

the number of people in shelters is 100 nationwide, 81 belonging to Coquimbo and 19 to Antofagasta.

About the material damage, Toro said that so far 194 homes with major damage, of which 187 are located in the Coquimbo Region, are recorded while the number of destroyed homes is 62 nationwide, and Coquimbo is also the region most affected with 60

Finally, the director said that there Onemi 49,243 customers without electricity, the most affected region of Coquimbo with 47,357, while 9,070 are affected by the lack of potable water.

the Chilean news portal published the first eleven causes the deaths caused by the earthquake. It is noted that in recent cases, these were the result of the tsunami and not of landslides.

An Argentine killed by the earthquake

A 50 year old man died yesterday in the Buenos Aires district of San Isidro when he fell from the stairs apparently from a heart attack when he was evacuating the building in which lived due to the earthquake which had its epicenter in Chile and felt in much of the Argentine territory.

the fatal victim was identified as Gustavo Bustamante, who suffered the incident yesterday when he left his home on the eighth floor a building located in the Centenario avenue to 1700 Beccar in which strongly felt the quake in the neighboring country.

According to witnesses, the man lived on the eighth floor and fell as he was descending the stairs between the sixth and fifth floors.

the first hypothesis suggests that the man suffered a heart attack, but investigators do not rule that has lost balance and death, almost immediately, has been by blows in the fall .

The neighbors confirmed that Bustamante lived alone since she was widowed eight years ago and indicated that he had a mild disability by a problem in one of his knees.

"When we got a neighbor said Gustavo fainted and fell down the stairs so the ambulance to revive him and could not do anything, "Mario, a resident of the same building said, told the channel C5N .

the cause, labeled a "suspicious death" is being investigated by the District Attorney of San Isidro by Franco Servidio

Source:. Telam

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