Catalan citizens decide whether to become independent from Spain

Catalan citizens decide whether to become independent from Spain -

citizens Catalonia are responding today with high participation to the call of the polls to elect a new regional parliament in some turned into a referendum on secession from Spain elections.

the first data on the turnout, which at 13 local time (8 Argentina) account for an increase of 5 points means -35.09% versus 29.43 compared to the last regional elections 2012-, show that the Catalans perceive that they are to some the less exceptional elections.

data were provided in conference press by the Minister of government and International Relations of the Catalan government, Meritxell Borràs , on a day that is proceeding normally, except for an incident that starred Catalan president himself, Artur Mas , who voted with two Spanish flags background and shouts of "independence."

More than 5.5 million Catalans eligible to vote to decide the formation of a new parliament and regional government, in an election that is perceived as the most decisive in recent times for the future of Catalonia and its aspirations for independence and to be held just three months after the general elections in Spain.

"democracy has won, not only in Catalonia, in Spain, in Europe and in the world, "said the Catalan president, Artur Mas, after exercising their right to vote in a school in the center of Barcelona surrounded by supporters shouting for independence.

"We struggled a lot to get to this point, put the ballot box. Despite the great mobilization for the right to decide We had to overcome many obstacles by the state and specifically the Spanish government, but the polls are there, "he said who was the main promoter of these elections to bring Catalonia to the secession.

"There will be a plebiscite politically speaking about the future of Catalonia and hope, desire and hope that the day elapses with ease and high participation," said Mas.

the Catalan president insisted today that "if the yes vote wins, the attitude of the Catalan institutions will be to sit down to talks with the Spanish government and the European Commission."

the more an incident voting took place in the presence the polling station two far-right party supporters Vox, which does not compete in the elections and is very minoritario-, and deployed two Spanish flags, which was withdrawn almost immediately by supporters of secession amid shouts of "independence".
there was scuffling and jostling, and outside the polling station certain tension between supporters and opponents of secession lived.

"the plebiscitary elections are a fraud because they do not exist. The problem here is that you must respect the Constitution, that is democracy, "shouted Javier Ortega , who said he was party spokesman Vox. Behind him a girl held up a banner calling for the application of Article 155 of the Constitution, which allows the suspension of the autonomy of Catalonia.

"I am Catalan and this is a provocation, do not want to let people vote with tranquility, just want to get on TV," he told Telam Victoria Simon, one voter who was in line at the polling station and confronted the spokesman Vox.

"This is a consequence of what they have generated saying that these are plebiscitary elections, waving the identity issue, taking flags, when are at stake many other things, "said Margarita, comptroller of Catalonia if it is Pot (Catalonia if you can), the candidacy of lefts in which is integrated we can.
the main candidates and political leaders Voters encouraging participation.

Albert Rivera, the leader of the party Citizens, called for a "massive" vote and "record" in this election he called the "most important" of democracy in Catalonia.

schools constituidos- 8,177 2,702 polling stations tables- opened at 9 am (4 Argentina) and will close at 20 pm, after which time to start counting the votes.

polls predict a victory for the candidacy Junts pel Si (Together for yes), which groups sovereignists of different political and representatives of social movements, and was driven by the current Catalan president, Artu But, with the intention to get support to move towards secession.

the degree of support for independence is what will determine the force that will be the drivers of secession process to move towards the creation of a Catalan state, or at least force a dialogue with the Spanish government for the legal referendum has so far been impossible.

While polls points to the victory of the sovereignists, the candidacy unit would need the support of CUP, a pro-independence force anticapitalist to get an absolute majority of seats. In addition, supporters of secession may not exceed 50% of the vote.

The Catalan president called for elections in advance in response to the refusal of the Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, to hold a consultation binding on independence.

beat, Mas form a government agreement to begin deploying a roadmap for within 18 months declare independence of Catalonia. Rajoy says that any step towards secession is illegal and illegitimate and will not allow it.

The Spanish major parties warned the Catalans about that independence would lead to losing the Spanish nationality and leave the European Union and UN and other multilateral institutions.

Source: Telam

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