France bombards for the first time the Islamic State in Syria

France bombards for the first time the Islamic State in Syria -

France today bombed for the first time militia Islamic State (EI) in Syria, while its president, François Hollande said that his government "is talking to all parties (the conflict) and not excluding anyone", which could represent a shift in its policy of isolating the Syrian president Bashar al Assad .

from UN headquarters in New York where a world summit on development is done and tomorrow will begin the speeches of heads of state and government of the world to the Assembly General, Hollande announced that its aircraft destroyed "completely" camp of EI in northern Syria.

Six French warplanes bombed an area near the town of Deir ez-Zor three weeks after the president announced to the world that the Air Force would begin to conduct reconnaissance flights over areas of Syria controlled by the EI.

over a year the United States and several conservative Islamist monarchies of the Middle East ago bombarded from the air to EI in Syria, unable to push back significantly to the Islamist militia on the ground.

After several months of mass landings Europe from refugees, many of them Syrians, France on the offensive joined US military in Syria, as it was already doing in neighboring Iraq with 00 combat aircraft and more than 700 soldiers.

Hollande said today that the first bombings were "self-defense" to avoid "future attacks terrorists ", of which did not give any details specific

." there may be other attacks (French) in the coming weeks if necessary, always with the same goal: to identify targets that correspond to places of training or places where we know that the terrorist group Daesh (acronym in Arabic to refer to EI) can threaten the security of our country or prepare attacks, "he said, quoted by the news agency EFE .

As France UK also recently joined the international military offensive against EI in Syria, an Islamist militia that managed to alienate all armed groups fighting in the complex Syrian civil war for more than four years and a militia that in just one year managed to expand and control more than a quarter of the territories of Syria and Iraq.

at the same time, those Western powers do not want to join the military leg of the strategy US against EI, reinforced lately diplomatic channels.

Germany has led in recent weeks the efforts of the Western powers to join forces with Russia , an ironclad ally of Syrian President Al Assad against EI. To achieve this, Washington and Europe must moderate their opposition to the government in Damascus.

Therefore, after years of publicly calling for the overthrow of Assad, Hollande said to reporters today in New York that "the process ( peace) requires that all parties involved. France is talking to all of them and we are not excluding anyone. "

the French president said it continues to believe that" the future of Syria can not be with Bashar al Assad "and insisted that the Syrian president is" primarily responsible "of a conflict that has left more than 250,000 dead and more than half of the displaced population and refugees outside the country.

Source: Telam

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