Palestine: Abbas announced his resignation as head of the PLO

Palestine: Abbas announced his resignation as head of the PLO -

The announcement of the resignation of Mahmud Abbas as chairman of the Executive Committee Organization Palestine liberation (PLO), without immediate effect, is a strategy to revamp the agency, which could open the door to changes in Palestinian politics.

After a meeting last night the Committee, spread the intention of the President to submit his resignation to the front of the body, along with other nine of the eighteen members, in a move seen by many as a "symbolic" or "strategic" act.

These resignations, as internal regulations, are essential to convene an emergency meeting of Palestinian National Council (PNC) has not met in more than 20 years ago. This is the legislative body of the PLO and responsible for the appointment of the members of the Committee. It is made up of over 740 members.

Unlike Palestinian National Authority (ANP), which only has representation from the West Bank and Gaza, the PLO also integrates the Palestinians living in territory occupied by Israel and the diaspora residing elsewhere in the world, much of it in Argentina and Chile.

Precisely because of the great legitimacy available to the PLO, the Israeli government had requested its disintegration during the Oslo accords in 1993. in its place the PNA was formed, with a smaller representation.

the resignation of Abbas, President of the Palestinian National Authority does not necessarily indicate a willingness to abandon its post as head of the PLO, which replaced the historic Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, but the short term, intended to force a renewal of this body, whose youngest representative more than 60 years and not reelect almost two ago decades.

"They want to convene a meeting of CNP to achieve a stronger Executive Committee," he told the news agency EFE Palestinian political veteran and member of the PLO, Mustafa Barguthi.

Proof of this is that as soon as the resignation of Abbas became known, his confidant and new secretary general of the PLO, Saeb Erekat announced to the local press that " the Executive Committee agrees to ask for an extraordinary meeting of the NPC as soon as possible "

Source:. Telam

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