Francis asked Pope "humanize the economy"

Francis asked Pope "humanize the economy" -

The Pope Francisco today asked a group of cooperators that "worry about the relationship between economics and justice social "to maintain" in the center the dignity and worth of people, not money. "

" the reason for this meeting is that the Church knows well the value of cooperatives, "he said Holy Father received this Saturday at the Vatican a delegation of leaders and workers banking Cooperative Credit of Rome .

in that vein, the Pope encouraged the meeting participants in the Paul VI Hall to "continue to be an engine to develop the weakest part of the local community and civil society, thinking especially in young people without work, focusing on the creation of new cooperative enterprises."

Francisco also reminded them that "worry about the relationship between the economy and social justice, keeping the center the dignity and worth of persons."

"facilitate and encourage the lives of families, and propose cooperative solutions and mutuals for the management of common property, which can not become the property of a few or the subject of speculation, "said the Bishop of Rome against cooperators.

also encouraged participants to" promote solidarity and social use of money, in the style of a true cooperative, which do not send the capital over men, but men on capital. "

" Hagan grow the economy of honesty " the excited the pope and said "a cooperative bank should have something more: to humanize the economy, uniting efficiency with solidarity."

"actively participate in globalization, but it is the globalization of solidarity "he asked Francisco, while summoned to" encourage the active participation of the partners. It do together and do for others, "added

Source:. Telam

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