French President asked the public not to be afraid

French President asked the public not to be afraid -

French President Francois Hollande summoned the citizens of their country not to "put on abeyance "their lives or give in to the xenophobic speeches, after the attacks that killed 129 people last Friday in Paris and sowed fear among millions.

" terrorists stole the lives of innocent people and also want to put on hold our own, but France remains a country with freedom, movement, culture, activity, a brave and dynamic country that does not surrender to fear, "he stressed the president to the mayors across France, meeting at the Palace Congresses, on the western edge of Paris.

"What would our country without its cafes, concerts, sporting events and museums? our duty is to continue with our lives," said Hollande, in a harangue directed Parisians and French general, who managed not overcome the fear caused by the slaughter of a few days ago.

the French president spoke to a packed auditorium of mayors-dressed with the traditional band tricolor with the colors of the national flag that identified and summoned help restore calm in the country, without being prisoners of speeches "xenophobic, anti-Semitic or anti-Muslim," the news agency EFE.

"They should not be tolerated (...) We must be relentless with all forms of violence," said the president, who also devoted a few minutes to renew their commitment to receive in the next two years to 30,000 refugees from the Middle East and Africa. "Because they are tormented by those who attacked us," concluded the president.

Shortly before the national meeting of mayors, Attorney General of France, Francois Molins, had reported that police had faced shots with another command Islamist bombers in the northern suburbs of Paris in Saint-Denis, killing two attackers dead, eight detainees and five policemen wounded.

from Saturday the French police have made hundreds of mass raids and arrested several suspects of being linked with the seven attackers blew themselves up Friday. According to media reports, two other attackers survived the night of the attacks, managed to escape and now are wanted in France and Europe.

Hollande reiterated today that the country is "at war with terrorist groups" as the State Islamic (EI), the extremist militia claimed responsibility for the attacks on Friday and defended his decision to extend by three months the state of emergency -similar to the state of siege in Argentina and to reform the Constitution.

Source: Telam

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