After bombing a hospital, the US seeks new excuses

After bombing a hospital, the US seeks new excuses -

Two days after the attack that destroyed a hospital in the organization Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in the embattled Kunduz city, the Army of United States changed today its official version and said that bombed the area at the request of Afghan forces who were under attack by Taliban insurgents.

MSF rejected the new explanation Pentagon and stressed that "the reality is that the US launched those bombs" and therefore "remains responsible for the objectives that destroys" according to a statement posted on its website in which he concluded accusing Washington of committing " a war crime. "

While the tension between the United States and the international organization of physicians continued to rise, Afghan officials reported that managed to restore calm in Kunduz city in the northeast that was taken during a couple of days by the Taliban and later became a war zone.

President Afghanistan , Ashraf Ghani, had already announced last Thursday that the army, backed by airstrikes Americans had regained the city.

However, fighting with the radical Islamist group climbed in the following days, and today was no civilian international presence in the area that would confirm the new victory announced by Kabul. Instead, it became clear that the conflict was still active in the rest of the country.

At nightfall, a pair of explosions rocked an area west near the national parliament Kabul, and soon after the militant group Taliban responsibility for a suicide attack claimed against an intelligence center in that capital, as reported portal local news Tolo news .

Afghan officials believe was an assault on the house of one of the heads of the intelligence of the country, Naeem Baloch, former governor of the southern province of Helmand. There were no immediate reports of any casualties, he added Tolo News .

Violence in Afghanistan has been a constant in recent decades, even after the United States and its allies NATO had ended the "war" began in 01 that toppled the Taliban, and withdraw the bulk of its forces last December.

the civilian death toll continues to grow and currently Afghans represent a quarter of the world's refugees. However, it was only with the US attack on Kunduz and the destruction of MSF hospital, the only one who works in the city, the conflict once again captured international attention.

The top US commander in Afghanistan, Gen. John Campbell, today acknowledged that the previous version of the Pentagon, referred to were the American forces that were being attacked by Taliban was "wrong" and laid the blame on their Afghan allies.

" an airstrike was asked to remove the Taliban threat and several civilians were accidentally hit, "the US military chief, who kept Washington's position not directly assume responsibility for the bombing that destroyed the MSF hospital in Kunduz.

However, the director general of the international organization of physicians, Christopher Stokes , "the US government admitted today that it was his aerial bombardment that struck our hospital in Kunduz, killing 22 MSF patients and members. " He added:. "His description of the attack keeps changing collateral damage to a tragic incident now trying to pierce the responsibility to the Afghan government"

According Kabul, the US bombed Kunduz on Saturday well early because several Taliban militants had taken part of the property of MSF hospital and were firing at his men from there.

again, Stokes called for an "independent and thorough international investigation" of the attack is made, forcing the organization to leave yesterday Kunduz and close the only hospital that worked in that city of northern country on the frontline between the army and Islamist insurgency.

spokesman Afghan Ministry of Defense, Gen. Dawlat Waziri, announced today, two days after the attack and proven fighting, the situation in Kunduz was "good" and that the city was "completely" under control of the national government.

"the offices are open and people go out to buy" described the officer and explained that the army had managed to expel the radicals of the last houses in Kunduz who had taken shelter Islamist militants.

Source: Telam

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