Dilma Rousseff ootorgó a large Christmas pardon

Dilma Rousseff ootorgó a large Christmas pardon -

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff , signed a decree that benefits the Christmas pardon a number of prisoners, including women who are mothers of minor children and the disabled, and could reach the former minister José Dirceu, imprisoned for corruption in the cause of mensalão.
Official Journal of the European Union (Official Gazette) today issued a pardon reaching a prey to purge sentences of up to eight years and are mothers of children under age 18 suffering from serious diseases.
Among those who benefit from the presidential pardon are also paraplegic and blind prisoners who have contracted these ailments then . to be condemned and provided they are backed by medical reports of the Judiciary
also among those receiving the benefit are those who today have completed a third of his sentence, if they are not repeat offenders; those convicted for period of over eight years to December 25 have reached 60 years of age and completed a third of his sentence, if they are not repeat offenders, and half if they are; and convicted that today, December 25, are 70 years old and have completed a quarter of punishment if they are not repeat offenders.
The decree clarified that may not enjoy this benefit the Christmas pardon those they have been convicted of torture, terrorism or drug trafficking.
by this pardon could benefit José Dirceu, the Workers Party (PT), the former strongman of the cabinet during the first government of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva , convicted of involvement in the corruption network called mensalão.
the Supreme Federal Tribunal (STF Court) considered that Dirceu was the "head of the illicit association" that commanded the mensalão, term and payment of bribes became popular monthly laws deputies to vote endorsed by the Executive.
According to the Globe Agency and the news site Folha, this Christmas pardon Rousseff qualify for Dirceu regain freedom. Previously their attorneys must submit an indictment to the Minister Roberto Barroso, the Supreme Federal Court.
Dirceu was chief of staff Lula until 05 when he broke the Mensalão for which he had to resign as fell the entire leadership of the PT.
with a prison population of more than 0,000 inmates, the Brazilian prison system faces collapse due to "endemic population", according to a report prepared by the United Nations in 2014.

Source: Telam

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