England: 40% supports dialogue over the Falklands

England: 40% supports dialogue over the Falklands -

A survey by the online journal Mirror.co.uk revealed that 40% of its readers they showed favor of Britain "engage" with Argentina by Malvinas Islands after the controversy that began with statements in favor of dialogue Jeremy Corbyn , the leader of the Labour Party in England that is routed after the internal elections of September 10 lead it.

statements Corbyn were made in 1982, but regained strength a few days that the internal election of the main opposition party and the British conservative Prime Minister David Cameron is carried out in open opposition to Argentina's position even replicated by Pope Francisco - of "dialogue" between the two countries on the Malvinas issue.

at the time, Corbyn said that the Falklands war was a "plan of conservative" and "a waste of unemployed men who were sent to the Falklands to die for (the then British prime minister Margaret) Thatcher.

Two years ago, in an interview he conducted chain televisón BBC, Corbyn had manifested itself in favor of a "certain degree of co-administration" between Argentina and the UK, with the aim of resolving the conflict between the two countries over the islands.

As recorded by the daily Star, a spokesman for the leader he said yesterday that "it is no secret that Jeremy was a critic the Falklands War and urged a negotiated long-term solution. "

One of the opponents of Corbyn is Simon Weston, a former British fighters in the Falklands and who called" ignorant "their statements the daily Mirror, while considered his suggestion to share sovereignty over the islands is "silly to the extreme."

Interestingly, in the online article that reported statements of Weston, a survey is opened readers of the newspaper, of which 40 percent were in favor of a rapprochement between the two countries over the Malvinas

Source:. Telam

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