Germany: Neo-Nazis arrested for attack on refugees design

Germany: Neo-Nazis arrested for attack on refugees design -

German authorities broke up a neo-Nazi group was preparing more attacks on refugee shelters in the state of Bavaria , in the south, the same day police warned of a possible increase in xenophobic attacks on asylum seekers and against their helpers.
a spokesman for the prosecutor of the town of Bamberg reported in a press conference that the racist group was dismantled consisted of eleven men and two women, aged 21 and 36, and stressed that all were arrested, as reported by the news agency EFE.
the official said that the prosecution was following the track of this neo-Nazi group and accused of planning to launch explosives against two refugee shelters in Bamberg in manifestation of far-right and anti-immigrant called by several organizations for Saturday.
also planned to attack and destroy a headquarters of leftist militants, according to the prosecution of Bamberg.
German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere, warned one hour earlier during a visit to a refugee center that this kind of preventive operations seek to avoid "future crimes or attacks "as part of the wave of xenophobic violence that regained strength in the German country in recent months.
so far this year, more than 710,000 refugees and immigrants from the Middle East and Africa mainly came the territory of the European Union, according to Frontex, the European agency that deals with controlling the borders of the regional bloc.
most newcomers trying to establish themselves and seek asylum in Germany or the Nordic countries, where better opportunities exist working in southern Africa, a region still mired in a deep economic crisis.
in recent months the south of the country xenophobic attacks against refugees in reception centers in Germany occurred mainly in the east and where asylum seekers are housed.
the situation recently prompted the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe, Nils Muiznieks, to warn the "rise of racism and intolerance" observed in the country and demanded reinforce measures repressive against them.
a 52 year old man stabbed in the chest an Albanian 31 years after insulting him and yell "foreign pig" in a regional micro linking the city of Münster with the nearby town of Havixbeck, in the state land of North Rhine-Westphalia, in the northwest of the country, according to the police and the local prosecutor's office.
Neither of the two institutions reported on the nationality of the perpetrator, but they reported that the discussion started within the micro and get off at Havixbeck, the older man stuck a knife in the Albanian chest, who was hospitalized but was not serious, the sources said.
This attack coincided with the disclosure of a confidential report by the Federal Office of the criminal National Police forecasting an increase in xenophobic attacks and attacks against asylum seekers and immigrants and any political and social reference to support them in Germany.
Local newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung and regional radio stations NDR and television WDR leaked document warning about the existence of an "ideological consensus" on a "spectrum of extreme right very heterogeneous" against asylum policy and management of the refugee crisis government of Angela Merkel.
Since the beginning this year, the Federal Criminal Office of the National Police recorded a total of 576 crimes with a clear right-wing extremist and xenophobic bias. This figure is more than double the previous year.
The weekend passed today Mayor-elect of Cologne and one of the main advocates of the policy of German asylum, Henriette Reker, was attacked and seriously injured the day before the election. According to police, the attacker had played in a neo-Nazi group.

Source: Telam

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