Vietnam sent an important trade mission to Argentina

Vietnam sent an important trade mission to Argentina -

Vice Minister of Commerce and Industry Vietnam , Tran Tuan Anh, arrived in the country as part of a visit official. Beside him they accompanied a delegation of officials and businessmen from the Asian country.

During the meeting with Secretary of International Economic Relations of the Foreign Ministry Carlos Bianco , reviewed the agenda bilateral economic and followed the commitments made at the meeting of the Argentine-Vietnamese joint commission held in October 2014.

bilateral trade with Vietnam by a traditional surplus behavior is characterized Argentina . Last year operations were performed whose amount reached 1,824 million.

Also, Argentina recorded a surplus that exceeded 1,000 billion in the first six months of 2015. For this reason, Vietnam is included as one of the priority destinations of Program Increase and Diversification of exports (PADEX), as it represents the third destination of exports to Asia after China and India.

in particular, the opening of the Vietnamese market for domestic products from fishing, and others which are given a value added as leather, soybean oil and milk, is allowing diversifying traditional exports of soy products to that market.

on the other hand, through a statement, Foreign Ministry stated that "friendly relations between the country and Vietnam have gained new momentum." Said this in reference to the recent favorable vote of Vietnam in United Nations to Argentina's proposal on the establishment of a multilateral legal framework for the procedures for sovereign debt restructuring.

the commercial relationship between Cordoba and Vietnam

Just as China is a strategic trading partner for the country, its importance becomes more relevant when viewed from Córdoba. Vietnam is the third destination of exports of products generated in the province (9.2%), after Brazil (18%) and China (14%).

Exports of the Province of Córdoba according to their destinations. January to May 2015 | Create infographics

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