Putin and Hollande agreed on a coalition antiterrorita

Putin and Hollande agreed on a coalition antiterrorita -

The presidents of Russia, Vladimir Putin and France Francois Hollande advocated in Moscow to create a "broad anti-terrorist coalition" to end the jihadist threat, although yesterday the French agreed with his US counterpart, Barack Obama, criticizing the Kremlin support Syrian President Bashar al Assad.
at the beginning meeting in the Kremlin, Hollande said he went to Moscow to coordinate military actions of both countries "legitimate" struggle against the common enemy, the Islamic State (EI)
Putin, meanwhile, praised the efforts France to organize a broad anti-terrorist coalition, and emphasized the need for both countries, which suffered hard jihadist attacks, join forces, they reported the TASS and EFE agencies.
"you are paying great attention and puts a lot of effort into making show a broad anti-terrorist coalition, "he told his French counterpart at the start of the emergency meeting, part of a diplomatic marathon later French president to the slaughter of 13-N in Paris.
" Moreover, we believe that this coalition is absolutely necessary and is the point where you match our positions, "added the Russian president.
the Russian president added that" long time ago that Russia has suffered loss of life "as a result of" terrorist acts ".
"We are grieving with you by the casualties suffered France, heavy casualties," he added, referring to which he said, according to the latest data, are "136 killed and over 350 injured".
Putin did not miss the opportunity to remind Hollande that "as perhaps you know, Russia also suffered loss of life, severe loss of life" because of a "repugnant terrorist act directed against a commercial airliner."
the 31 October, a bomb exploded in flight a Russian A321 Airbus traveling from Sinai to St. Petersburg, killing 224 people.
Hollande thanked samples pain of Russians to the slaughter of 13-N in Paris, and he noted that both countries were recent victims of jihadism and said that "it is time to take responsibility for what happened."
"we know that terrorism is our common enemy, is precisely why I am with you here "said the French president according to TASS.
" I came here to find a solution and we move together in this way, to effectively fight the common enemy, and the search for political solutions to fix the situation in Syria, "he said.
Putin replied that" all that requires us to join forces in the fight against this common enemy "and was" ready to cooperate "and was happy" to have him among us ".The marathon Hollande began with an interview with the first, the US president, Barack Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and today with Putin British Prime Minister David Cameron.
in the coming days, the French president will meet with secretary General Ban Ki-moon, President of China, Xi Jinping and Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.
"leaders of the two countries discussed measures to counter the terrorist threat, including coordination in the fight against the Islamic State (EI) ", had advanced the Kremlin, which is bringing its own campaign in Syria at the request of the government of Damascus.
the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Serguei Lavrov supported the proposal yesterday Paris to close the border between Syria and Turkey to prevent the flow of terrorists and their funding.
"I think it's a sensible proposal. I am confident that Hollande will give us more details on this. We would be willing to seriously consider the necessary measures for this purpose, "said the head of Russian diplomacy.
Hollande arrived in Moscow amid a crisis between Russia and Turkey, after two F-16 Turkish Air Force shot down two days
makes a bomber Su-24 Russian, according to Ankara, violated its airspace on Syrian-Turkish border, which Moscow continues to deny strictly. following the bloody attacks in Paris on November 13 which left 130 dead and hundreds injured, Hollande seemed to have taken a turn in its position on Russia to integrate into the international coalition, despite the support that this country has been giving Syrian President Bashar al Assad.
But his trip two days ago to Washington , where he was received by US President Barack Obama, and the incident with the Russian bomber, chilled that possibility, assessed international analysts.
United States, which like Russia is bombarding the EI in Syria, insists that Moscow must turn around their shares in that Arab country and stop supporting the government in Damascus.
Yesterday, Hollande received in Paris German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and asked that his country be involved further in the combating EI in Syria and Iraq.
So far, Germany's role in combating EI has been limited to providing logistical support to forces fighting jihadists in Syria and train Kurdish militiamen that face in the northern Iraq.
But now, Germany decided to send Tornado jets to Syria to reconnaissance the fight against the Islamic State (EI) as advanced today the German Democratic parliamentary Henning Otte.

Source: Telam

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