The Pope asked the Church in Europe receive refugees

The Pope asked the Church in Europe receive refugees -

Pope Francisco today called "parishes, religious communities and monasteries" of Europe taking in refugees as before the Jubilee of Mercy gesture and announced that well they will do in the coming days, "the two parishes Vatican."

"Given the imminence of the Jubilee of Mercy, I ask parishes, religious communities, monasteries and shrines across Europe benefiting from a refugee family. a concrete gesture in preparation for the Holy of Mercy Year "argued the Pope.

"Let every parish, every religious community, each monastery, each shrine of Europe avails itself of a family starting with my diocese of Rome," said Francisco from the window of the apostolic palace of the Vatican during his speech after the Angelus.

Jorge Bergoglio recalled that God's mercy is recognized through human works "as already witnessed the life of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta", died on September 5, 1997, news agency EFE reported.

therefore expressly addressed the bishops and pastors of the Old Continent to ask them to comply with this request, "recalling that mercy is the second name of love: 'Everything they have done for the smallest my brothers, I'd have done. ' "

And to give an example, the Argentine pontiff announced that the + next days" also the two parishes Vatican will host two refugee families. "

Pope Francis addressed the program of the migratory exodus facing Europe to influence that "it does not say only: 'Courage, patience,'" but must offer these people real hope

. "Faced with the tragedy of tens of thousands of refugees fleeing death by war and hunger, and have undertaken a motion moved by hope, the Gospel calls us to be 'next' to smaller and abandoned. A will give real hope, "he said.

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