At least 15 dead after helicopter crash in Siberia

At least 15 dead after helicopter crash in Siberia -

at least 15 dead and seven wounded so far left the crash of a Mi-8 helicopter with 26 people on board crashed in north Krasnoyarsk , in Eastern Siberia.

"According to accurate data, there are 15 dead, seven were hospitalized and the rest is still inside the helicopter," said spokeswoman the attorney for the transport of the region, Oksana Gorbunova, cited by Sputnik World.

the aircraft, belonging to the company Turuján, was heading from the city of Igarka to oil exploitation in the area.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Emergencies reported that rescuers have arrived at the scene, the agency also advanced in a statement that "the evacuation of the occupants of the aircraft is made, the focal point of search and rescue sent to the area two helicopters with rescuers and doctors. "

the Mi-8 is a twin-engine helicopter of medium size, with three crew, capable of carrying up to 24 people or 3,000 kilograms of cargo, which can go both inside and outside of the ship.

the device, which versions of military use, was first produced more than fifty years ago are also manufactured, has a flight range of 450 kilometers and develops a maximum speed of 250 kilometers per hour

. Source: Telam

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