Iraq claims to have bombed the convoy ISIS leader

Iraq claims to have bombed the convoy ISIS leader -

Iraqi forces today bombed a convoy allegedly carrying the leader of the extremist group Islamic State (EI ) Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi , in the western province of Al Anbar, the military said that country.

a statement from the headquarters of Iraqi Military Operations reported that the country's army in collaboration with the Cell Falcons secret service, he attacked the convoy, which was traveling believe Al Baghdadi. In the attack, said the text, important leaders of the radical Islamist group were killed.

"According to precise information from the secret services and with the participation of the Iraqi Air Force, it was possible to carry out a heroic operation against the convoy of terrorist criminal Al Baghdadi, "said the statement, quoted by the news agency EFE .

he also explained that the bombing occurred when the convoy of jihadists vehicles traveling in the Near Al Karabela to participate in a meeting of leaders of EI, which was also attacked the place of rendezvous, where they killed and wounded several leaders of the group.

"still health status is unknown the criminal Al Baghdadi, who had to be transported in a vehicle, "the statement said, adding that later the list will be posted with the names of the dead leaders in the attack.

a security source Al Anbar told EFE that at least fifteen jihadists EI, including several leaders, were killed in that attack, which also wounded twenty.

the source added that so far is not known whether Al Baghdadi was killed or injured.

Iraqi troops fought a bloody battle with the US to try to regain control of the province of Al Anbar, after the group won its capital last May.

since June 2014, the EI controls the city of Mosul, the main northern Iraq, and has since moved to other areas of the country and Syria.

Source: Telam

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