He bombing in the Turkish capital killed at least 30 people

He bombing in the Turkish capital killed at least 30 people -

The official data confirmed that the slaughter was caused by two explosions "cause still unknown", which took place around 10 am (Turkey time) on the city of Ankara.

Numerous witnesses, including a correspondent for EFE that was a few meters from the detonation, consign it could be a suicide attack.

Turkish Prime Minister Islamist Ahmet Davutoglu , suspended for three days every activity of electoral campaign for the general elections next November 1.

in addition, an emergency meeting with senior government and intelligence services were called Turks, reported the semi-public agency Anadolu.

the co-chairman of the party pro-Kurdish left, the HDP, Selahattin Demirtas, said the newspaper "Habertürk" that this "barbaric slaughter" recalls the attacks in Diyarbakir, on 5 June and Suruç on 20 July.

the first, with 4 dead, was carried out two days before the elections against a rally of HDP, and the second, with 34 dead, including two suicide bombers against an assembly of solidarity young leftists with the Kurdish struggle in Syria.

As noted by the newspaper 'Hürriyet' a deputy of the Social Democratic party CHP who was on the march, in today's attack were used steel balls, something also found in the other two mentioned attacks.

Following the attack of Suruç, the Kurdish guerrillas of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) has suspended its ceasefire holding for more than . two years

Since then, hundreds of people died in Turkey in attacks, bombings and clashes between the PKK and Turkish security forces

. Source: Telam

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