France: more than 0 dead, wounded and hostages

France: more than 0 dead, wounded and hostages -

More than a hundred people have died in Paris in a night of terror nightmare that will be hard to forget. The attacks, at least seven have occurred almost simultaneously with automatic weapons and explosives in areas crowded entertainment of the French capital way.

According to reports AFP , dozens of dead They occurred during a shooting that took place Friday in a restaurant in northern Paris. In addition, a series of explosions near the Stade de France took place simultaneously when the football match between Germany and France who attended the French president held François Hollande that has been evacuated.

Several attackers with assault rifles have staged seven shootings in different districts of the capital. The most serious occurred in the famous disco Bataclan , located at number 50 of the Boulevard Voltaire, where have died at least 100 people, according to police sources.

There have also been three explosions in the vicinity of Stade de France , which played a friendly football selections from France and Germany. Three people have been killed. Police speculated the hypothesis of a suicide attack. At least one of the blasts was caused by a gas cylinder that had attached metal parts, according to a person who saw the device before it exploded.

After the match, attendees the football game were invited to stay in the center of the field to prevent more victims by what was happening outside the stadium.

President Francois Hollande, who was in the stadium, has been evacuated by helicopter. It has been directed immediately to the Interior Ministry, which has established a crisis. At midnight, the President has declared a state of emergency throughout France and announced the closure of borders and the mobilization of more military forces in the country. (See: declare a state of emergency in France )

The attacks have coincided with the first day of the special police alert launched by the Climate Summit that will take place in Paris between 30 November and 11 December. Since Friday, and for one month, France has suspended the Schengen agreement and restored border controls.

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