Malvinas: the new head of the Labor Party supports dialogue

Malvinas: the new head of the Labor Party supports dialogue -

deputy Jeremy Corbyn , the more leftist wing of British Labour and who had stated in the past in favor of a "certain degree of joint administration between Argentina and the United Kingdom" by the Falkland Islands, he was elected as the new secretary general of his party with almost 60% of the votes in the first round, reported party sources today.

his election as leader-and future candidate for prime minister in the primary formation confirmed the predictions of the polls, who initially gave him victory to his opponents in domestic politics . Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall

Corbyn, that the contest was presented to generate discussion -only got 35 nominations needed two minutes before the close of the registration period of June 15, will represent now the established power against which it has fought all his life.

his ideas left includes, in the practice of his speech, the renationalisation of public services, the appreciation of the welfare state, strong opposition against nuclear weapons, the abolition of the British nuclear submarine program Trident and a plan for the Bank of England to issue money to finance infrastructure and social housing, explained the agency EFE .

in its political career, which began in 1983 to win his seat in the House of Commons -for the London Borough of Islington North-, is the deputy who more times rebelled against the party line.

against the British imperialism

According to the website Public Whip , since 01 he has voted against the official Labour line more than 500 times, one of the most prominent their opposition to the invasion of Iraq in 03.

Corbyn, 66, is also the parliamentary allowances least claim in the House of Commons, where he participates in several groups in defense of human rights and Latin American causes.

Indeed, the campaign against Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet joined him -in 1987- his second wife, Claudia Brachitta exiled Chilean, who is divorced in 1999 and with whom he has three children.

also integrates numerous organizations of political activism, including Amnesty International, the Campaign of Solidarity with Palestine and the Campaign for nuclear disarmament (CND).

Their economic proposals, anti austerity, have supporters and detractors among economists, like the Labour Party itself, where followers of New Labour warned that drag them to the electoral annihilation of Labour.

"the Falklands war was a plan conservatives"

by the end of August this year, a survey by the online journal revealed that 40% of its readers in favor of UK "engage" with Argentina over the Falkland islands, after the controversy initiated by the declarations in favor of dialogue Corbyn were.

statements Corbyn were made in 1982, but regained strength a few days before the internal Labor Party.

at that time, Corbyn said the Falklands war was a "plan conservative "and" a waste of unemployed men who were sent to the Falklands to die by the then British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Two years ago, in an interview he conducted chain televisón BBC Corbyn had manifested itself in favor of a "certain degree of co-administration" between Argentina and the United Kingdom with the aim of resolving the conflict between the two countries over the islands.

"it is a triumph of hope"

Just the news broke in Argentina, the president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner congratulated . Jeremy Corbyn for its achievement

"it is a triumph of hope," said the president and added. "it is also a victory for those who put politics to serve the people"

on the other hand, he acknowledged that Corbyn is a "great friend" of Latin America

Source:. Telam

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