At least 100 are dead after explosion in Nigeria

At least 100 are dead after explosion in Nigeria -

At least one hundred people were killed in the Nigerian city of Nnewi generated by an explosion during the fire of a truck tanker which discharged gas in an industrial warehouse, where there was a long line of people seeking load your jerry cans for Christmas celebrations.

workers, customers and neighbors warehouse suffered serious burns from the blast, which also destroyed some neighboring buildings, appropriated the agency EFE .

"a truck was unloading gas caught fire and caused the explosion," said Joe Okeke, who lives in Nnewi and added that when they approached the scene saw "that there had been a terrible carnage."

According to other witnesses, "the fire exploded like a bomb, and throughout the season started up a thick black smoke amid the explosion from gas cylinders. "

the fire, which took place yesterday in the city in the southeast of the country, lasted more than five hours and the survivors were taken to a local hospital.

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