Unasur is ready for the elections in Venezuela

Unasur is ready for the elections in Venezuela -

The coordinator of the Accompaniment Mission of Union of South American Nations (Unasur) , José Luis Exeni said Friday that they have prepared the technical tools for collecting information for parliamentary elections on Sunday December 6 in Venezuela .

Specified next Sunday, will be present at the start of the elections throughout the electoral process and the closing of the polling stations. "We will be present to complete the verification and monitoring of the computerized system that requires the process"

he explained that the Mission Accompanying the Unasur will be deployed in different polling stations and then the results will follow in the subsequent audit of the fingerprint.

"we will be to ensure that the people voted and his vote was guaranteed, hoping that the day will conclude peacefully and the results are accepted, "he said.

he noted that the Mission to Support the Unasur" is made up of magistrates and technicians in the region "and will be deployed" in 11 states of Venezuela ".

explained that the report before the elections delivered made a detailed assessment of the meetings that have, in addition to the concerns that were already conversed with the president of the National Electoral Council (CNE) of Venezuela, Tibisay Lucena.

Exeni made four recommendations to the Venezuelan people respect the electoral ban, which is Sunday's peaceful and orderly, and accept the election results. "This is a fundamental principle of democracy."

With respect to the participation of the national media and international media, Exeni said you have to give guarantees for the day is informed and the media do their work.

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