The Pope grants absolution "repentant abortionists"

The Pope grants absolution "repentant abortionists" -

The Pope Francisco today granted the priests who acquit "the sin of abortion to those who have practiced and are unrepentant heart, "during Jubilee of Mercy which begins on December 8 and runs until November 20, 2016.

This follows a letter sent to president of the Pontifical Council for promoting the New Evangelization, Rino Fisichella, and responsible for organizing the extraordinary Holy Year called by Pope and published today by the press office of the Vatican.

According to Catholic doctrine, abortion is a grave sin that entails excommunication and a priest can only be absolved by order of a bishop or priest.

"God's forgiveness can not be denied to anyone who has repented," says the premise with which Francisco explained the decision to grant the priests to absolve sins considered serious by the Catholic Church.

"also for this reason I have decided to grant to all priests for the Jubilee Year, notwithstanding any question contrary, the power to absolve the sin of abortion to those who have practiced and unrepentant heart ask why forgiveness, "says the Pope.

Francisco says that" one of the serious problems of our time is certainly , modifying the relationship with life "and that" some live the drama of abortion with a superficial consciousness, almost without realizing the wrong grave that involves an act of this kind. "

But many others, however, added the Pope, "even living that moment as a defeat, considered to have no other way to go."

"I think, in a special way, in all women who have had an abortion. I know well the constraints that led to that decision, "Francis writes, as reproduced EFE

The letter continues." I know it's an existential and moral drama. I have met many women who carried in his heart a scar for that suffering and painful choice. What happened is profoundly unjust; however, only the fact understand its truth may agree not to lose hope. "

Francisco then tells the priests who" should be prepared for this great task knowing combine words of genuine welcome with a reflection help understand the sin committed, and indicate a path of conversion. "

the bula (document) in which the pope summoned the Jubilee already included one of the innovations would be called" Missionaries mercy "priests sent by Francis to preach and confess also called" reserved sins to the apostolic See ", including abortion.

with this letter, Francisco explains in detail and gives instructions on how to get the plenary indulgence during this Holy Year dedicated to Mercy.
"to live and obtain the indulgence the faithful are called to make a brief pilgrimage to the Holy Door, opened in every cathedral or in the churches established by the diocesan bishop and the four papal basilicas in Rome, as a sign of the deep desire of authentic conversion, "the pope.

He adds that" can win the indulgence in the sanctuaries where the Gate of Mercy open and . churches traditionally identified as Jubilee "

Source: Telam

complete Letter of Pope Francisco

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