Lula expressed support for the candidacy of Daniel Scioli

Lula expressed support for the candidacy of Daniel Scioli -

Former president of Brazil Luis Inacio "Lula" da Silva , who this week will visit our country to support the candidacy of candidate Front for Victory Daniel Scioli said that "inflated to Cristina get the election of the successor she wants to see as president."

in an extensive interview published by the newspaper Página / 12 , in which he spoke of the regional and global situation, former Brazilian president Lula da Silva said that "obviously swelled to Cristina get successor is elected she wants to see in the presidency, and even more so when the successor is Scioli. I fill Scioli to win the elections. "

" I want to win the elections someone who wants to maintain good relations with Brazil. Someone who sees Brazil as a partner and not as an adversary, "said the leader of the Workers Party, who highlighting his" respect "the decision taken by the Argentine people," would be extremely important that whoever has integrationist and Latin Americanist vocation and not who think the solution is in the North. "

in this regard, said that the economies of the region regain growth level of years ago," we must believe in our potential, market potential internal Mercosur and Unasur in production capacity, the ability of our intellectuals, scientists and our researchers. We can not rely on the idea that the North is the lever that will help us. "

Appealing to a heterodox reading of economic processes, Lula, who goberrnó the Federative Republic of Brazil on two occasions, he praised the primacy of politics over the economy to ensure that the solution to the situation in region "is more political than economic, if we succeed in politics, have solved economically."

During the interview, he was asked about the opposition calls to initiate a process of impeachment against the current president of the neighboring country, Dilma Roussef.

"there is no reason, no reason to impeach Dilma. Everyone knows the character of the president. You can not think of a single impeachment because there are economic problems, "he said.

Finally, he noted that" the obligation to Dilma is to govern, because he was elected to look after the interests of 204 million Brazilians. So you should concentrate on that and other issues meantime be discussed by others. "

Source: Telam

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