Increasing violence and children killed in Palestine

Increasing violence and children killed in Palestine -

Another day of escalating violence that seems to have no end in Israel and Palestine busy left today three dead, already pregnant mother her four years in Gaza, and a child in Ramallah, more than 330 Palestinians and an Israeli policeman wounded in the West Bank, and an announcement of Tel Aviv to stiffen prison sentences against those who throw stones.

After the deaths of nine unarmed Palestinian demonstrators in the Gaza Strip on Friday and Saturday, an Israeli bombing killed today Nur Hasan, a 30-year-old pregnant, and her daughter four years, Rafaf, and wounded four other members of the same family in the same territory, according to the spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza, Ashraf Al Qedra.

the two died crushed after a bombing Israeli provoke the collapse of the building in which they lived.

the Israeli military said today bombed Gaza in response to the two missiles had been launched from that territory hours before without leave injuries or damage, allegedly from a training area of ​​the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, the force that controls Gaza since 06.

the building of Hasan had already been destroyed in previous Israeli offensive against the Gaza Strip and had been fortunate to be one of the few rebuilt in recent years.

at the same time, the grief and pain settled in Gaza for a third day in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, the other two Palestinian territories, protests, clashes with the Israeli occupying forces and repression not slackened.

in an unclear episode, an Israeli policeman and a Palestinian were wounded in a military checkpoint in east Jerusalem, near one of the colonies more large separating this area of ​​the West Bank, Maale Adumim.

According to the version of the Israeli police, the woman detonated an explosive device when officers asked him to get off the car. Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said that the Palestinian shouted Allahu Akbar (Allah is great), a slogan used by radical Islamists before launching an attack.

Samri said he found "another explosive device" in the auto and notes, in which the attacker allegedly sympathized with the Palestinian martyrs, as is known to those who are killed by Israeli forces, reported the news agency EFE .

the police did not show this evidence and both the woman and the military police had made out of the car were slightly injured.

Palestinian witnesses, however, argue that the woman did nothing and that Israeli forces mistook an electrical problem the car that sparked a small set fire with a bomb, according to the Palestinian news agency Maan.

While unclear incidents multiply these days, so it is Palestinian protests and repression Israel in the occupied territories.

Today violence territory concentrated in the districts of Nablus, Tulkarem, Ramallah in the West Bank and in several neighborhoods of east Jerusalem, the latter that the State of Israel illegally annexed in 1980 and since then he is seen as an integral part of their country.

medical sources reported that a 13-year-old died after being shot by an Israeli soldier in the neck during a protest in the town of Al Bireh, according to Maan.

earlier, the Red Crescent Local had reported that more than 330 Palestinians were wounded in these protests.

at least seven were shot with live ammunition, another 51 with rubber bullets, six had severe burns four were hit and the rest was poisoned by tear gas fired by Israeli forces.

escalation violence seems endless

from 11 days attacks by Palestinian with white arms against security forces, settlers and religious Israelis, the stark repression of Tel Aviv and attacks by settlers Jews have left 23 Palestinians and four Israelis killed, and about a thousand Palestinians and fifteen Israelis wounded.

Every day that passes, the response of the Israeli government hardens more, while their Palestinian counterparts try without success discourage protests and attacks.

After enabling the use of live ammunition to quell Palestinian protests, Tel Aviv announced today unanimously approved the bill presented by the Prime Minister to set penalties minimum jail those who throw stones, Molotov cocktails, Molotov cocktails and fireworks and put fines to children and their parents, "according to an official statement.

the text did not elaborate, but the minister Israeli Justice Ayelet Shaked, one of the extremist government figures, had advanced last night trying to impose minimum sentences of four years in prison for adults who throw stones, for example moving cars, according to the newspaper the Jerusalem Post.

currently to children 12 years can be arrested and detained by the Israeli occupation forces if they throw stones at soldiers or settlers.

Source: Telam

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