WTO forced the US to re-buy meat Argentina

WTO forced the US to re-buy meat Argentina -

Argentina and United States maintained a controversy within the World Trade Organization (WTO) following impairments, non-tariff imposed by the US government to prevent the entry of domestic beef to its market .

last Monday, the Panel Report dated July 24 had given reason to Argentina in its claim against US to maintain bans on imports of fresh beef -refrigerada or congelada- from throughout Argentina, and animals, meat and animal products from Patagonia unjustifiably for over twelve years.

Thus, although it remains to resolve some technical issues, it is expected before the end of the year, Argentina can return to export its production to the US economy. This is because the report published by the international organization is final and is not appealable.

The panel report concluded that the health measures in the US have no scientific justification, are not based on a risk analysis, discriminate "arbitrary and unjustified" between countries with identical or similar conditions and are "more restrictive than necessary to achieve the appropriate level of health protection US," said a foreign ministry statement.

the Foreign Minister Hector Timerman accused the protectionist lobby of some livestock associations of that country, in collusion with the ability to exert pressure with the vulture funds, of being behind the "contrary to the rules of international trade" measures that boosted U.S. Particularly these influences are channeled through American Task Force Argentina (AFTA).

Meanwhile, the Agriculture Minister Carlos Casamiquela recalled that the US government decision had been taken in 01, during the administration of George W. Bush, after an outbreak of FMD occurred in the country. However, in 07, Argentina had regained the status of "FMD free country". Despite this, the United States refused to restart the commercial tie alleging sanitary measures.

the market for beef in Cordoba

meat production for export in the province comes after recovering from a sharp drop in 2013 . the data published by Agency for the Promotion of Exports of Córdoba argue that since the peak in 09, when exported for a value of $ 33.48 billion, the amounts declined during the following periods.

in 2014, the export of meat produced in Cordoba reached $ 23.22 billion. Whereupon, is one the few sectors of the province whose values ​​are below the indicators thrown in 09.

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