Brazil approves the use of the first vaccine against dengue

Brazil approves the use of the first vaccine against dengue -

The National Health Surveillance Agency Brazil, Anvisa, announced the authorization of the use of the vaccine Dengvaxia -elaborada by the French pharmaceutical Sanofi Pasteur, the first regulated for the prevention of disease caused by four types of dengue virus in individuals aged between nine and 45 years old and living in endemic areas .

this vaccine has already received approval in Mexico and the Philippines this month, reported Sanofi Pasteur through a statement, according watchword agency EFE .

the disease seriously affects Brazil where there have been 1.4 million people directly infected this year, and almost 70% of cases occur in individuals who have nine or more years.

regarding the latter group the vaccine manufacturer said it is "a segment of the highly mobile population and socially active, contributing to the spread of the disease within communities."

Dengvaxia tested reducing dengue four serotypes in two-thirds of the 40,000 participants in their studies. also prevented eight out of ten hospitalizations related to the virus and almost 93% of severe cases of this disease.

The vaccine is the result of more than two decades of innovation and scientific collaboration and 25 clinical studies conducted in 15 countries around the world.

Brazil participated in the third phase of its global studies, in which there were 30,000 volunteers in ten different countries, while the trial was completed success in 2014.

in economic terms, dengue Brazil costs 1,0 million dollars each year, an average of $ 448 per individual and $ 173 hospitalized per person treated in an outpatient setting.

according to the World Health Organization (WHO), dengue causes about 400 million infections each year and over the past 50 years has expanded by 128 countries where 4,000 million people live.

Source: Telam

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