José Mujica announced he will leave in April the Uruguayan Senate

José Mujica announced he will leave in April the Uruguayan Senate -

The president of Uruguay, José Mujica (2010-2015) 80, announced today that 1 April 2016 will leave his post of senator for the ruling Frente Amplio, little more than a year after taking possession of it, but stressed that "does not equal" to abandon the "go political" and also leave office his wife, Senator Lucia Topolansky .
"the April 1'm going to retire from the Senate. which is not to leave the political walk and commitment, but I think I have to take that step as a way to serve what I think, "said the still legislator in its hearing on the M24 station.
Two days after handing over the presidential sash from Uruguay to Tabare Vazquez and surrounded by great expectations, Mujica took office last March 3 his seat as the first senator of Popular Participation Movement (MPP), the sector of the former Tupamaros, integrated Frente Amplio (FA), a majority in the upper chamber for the legislature 2015-2020.
leaving the Senate before the end of his term was a decision made even before the general elections in October 2014, but now said his intention was to try to exercise a man of dialogue and help, according his words, "I can, of good will."
also warned that leaving the Presidency not would end up as a "retired lying in the corner stroking memories," something he assumed not serve, so now also devotes much of his time traveling to various countries from where invited to give lectures.
back in September last year the Topolansky senator said that in the case of back to win the FA, Mujica would take his seat in Senate for two and a half years and after a gradual transition would lead to his first deputy, former Minister of Livestock Andrés Berterreche.
Mujica and his wife joined in de1960 decades and 1970s urban guerrilla Tupamaros, so were imprisoned for more than a decade in times of military dictatorship (1973-1985)

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