Pope Francis asked decisions against climate change

Pope Francis asked decisions against climate change -

The Pope Francisco said today that still "alive attention with" the development of environmental summit cop21 in Paris and asked that the efforts of the meeting will serve to "mitigate the impacts of climate change and fighting poverty."

"I continue to live closely the work of the Conference on climate that develops in Paris, and I come to mind a question I've written in Encyclical Laudado If ' "said the Pope during the Angelus on Sunday in Plaza San Pedro, the last before the Jubilee mercy that will start next Tuesday 8.

"What kind of world do we want to convey to all who come after us, the guys that are growing," the Bishop of Rome, who gave his usual wondered Sunday message amid heavy security operations in the Plaza, overlooking the beginning of the Holy Year.

"for the sake of the common home of all of us and future generations, every effort in Paris should serve to mitigate the impacts of climate change while fighting poverty and to flourish human dignity ", claimed the Argentine Pope, who insisted:" the two things go together, stop climate change and fight poverty. "

"We pray that the Holy Spirit enlighten those who are called upon to make important decisions and give them the courage to always have as a selection criterion the greatest good for the whole human family," said Francisco.

in the Plaza San Pedro, meanwhile, debuted security controls scanners and metal detectors to be used for "all" the faithful and pilgrims from next Tuesday wishing to cross the Holy Door of the Basilica which at 9.30 Rome on December 8 Bergoglio will leave open until next November 20.

Source: Telam

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