Cuba insists on lifting the embargo request US

Cuba insists on lifting the embargo request US -

President Cuba Raul Castro , confirmed the "full readiness" of their government to continue building with United States a "new relationship that is different from all its previous history," but reiterated the need to remove the "main obstacle" to the normalization of relations, which is the But force of more than half a century.
Cuban President read a statement issued on the news on state television, which took stock of the first year of the restoration of relations with the United States, a day after the anniversary .
in twelve months of "professional and respectful dialogue" have obtained "results in the diplomatic political level and cooperation" as the opening of embassies or two meetings between the two presidents, but "no progress on issues which are essential for Cuba "as the end of the embargo, Castro said, according to a dispatch from watchword agency Efe.
" that policy remains in effect. financial persecution of legitimate transactions of Cuba and the extraterritorial effects of the blockade is maintained, causing damage and hardship to our people and is the main development of the Cuban economy obstacle, "said the Cuban president.
Castro added that although his US counterpart Barack Obama , has asked his Congress ending the embargo and has lifted some restrictions, has certain executive powers to adopt new measures to "substantially modify the blockade".
Castro recalled the other demands of Cuba for standardization, such as the return of the territories occupied by the Guantanamo naval base and to programs to promote changes in the island and immigration policies that give a deal preferential treatment to Cubans.
Cuba blames such measures, as the Cuban Adjustment Act, the feet policy wet foot / dry or Parole program for doctors, the situation of the more than 6,000 Cuban migrants stranded in various parts of Central America in his attempt to reach the US border.
"stimulate an illegal, unsafe, disorderly and irregular migration, promote trafficking and other related crimes, and create problems for other countries," said Castro.
the Cuban president, who took office in 06, replacing his brother Fidel, who became seriously ill, reiterated that despite the process of thawing of relations with the United States, Cuba "will not give up the principles and ideals so many Cubans have struggled for the last half century. "
" Cuba, in full exercise of their sovereignty and the majority support of his people, will continue immersed in the process of transformation to update its economic and social model (..) to will increase the welfare of the population and strengthen the achievements of the Socialist Revolution, "said

Source:. Telam

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