Divided, the EU agreed a deal majority of refugees

Divided, the EU agreed a deal majority of refugees -

Interior ministers of European Union (EU) adopted by a large majority the distribution of 0,000 refugees as a first measure to uncompress the immigration crisis and international criticism.

of the 28 Member States of the EU, they voted against Slovakia Romania Czech Republic and Hungary , while Finland abstained.

Although there was a majority of members in favor of the deal, countries this requested a vote by qualified majority in the extraordinary council of the portfolio held in Brussels.

"the decision on the relocation of 0,000 people was adopted today by a large majority of member states," said president Luxembourg EU shift in a message on the social network Twitter

in practice, the result of the vote means the countries that voted against the quota system were also impose a number of refugees to accept.

first , will move 66,000 people from reception centers in Greece (50,400) and Italy (15,0).

Then, in a second year the 54,000 remaining places corresponding to people from the centers were relocated refugees from Hungary in the original proposal, appropriated the news agency EFE.

Those places, which in principle come from Greece and Italy, will go to a reserve, unless the situation on the ground has changed or state have an emergency, as it would be a very important flow of people due to changes in arrivals at the borders

. Source: Telam

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