Spain: more than 20,000 people participate in "La Tomatina"

Spain: more than 20,000 people participate in "La Tomatina" -

At least 22,000 people participate Wednesday in the popular holiday La Tomatina , which meets today 70 years and takes place every year in the municipality of Buñol of Valencia, Spain.

this year participants launched a record number of tomatoes amounting to about 150,000 kilograms, . as published in the newspaper RT

This year La Tomatina Buñol also has the novelty of its technological bet: car Google Street View will travel to include street map drenched in tomato with the aim of bringing the experience of this party to more than one billion users of Google Maps in the world. We have also developed applications for mobile devices that incorporate augmented reality.

La Tomatina coincides with the feast of the patron saint of the city and there are several versions about its origin. According to one, the origin of the festival dates back to 1945, when two young men got into a fight in the central square of the municipality and started throwing tomatoes from a vegetable, joining then more people to 'crossfire' until the police ended the 'battle'.

the battle would grace, because next year they repeated, this time voluntarily and without harming the seller, with tomatoes brought From home. Despite police repression and prohibitions, the inhabitants of Buñol continued throwing tomatoes. Some became even arrested for it. It was expressly forbidden in 1950 but the people got the veto was lifted seven years later, when it was established officially, thanks to a "burial tomato" in which Bunol claimed his party.

La ​​Tomatina not It reaches its current high popularity until Spanish TV Weekly Report issued in a report by Javier Basilio in 1983 on the curious party. Since then, year after year has increased the number of participants and achieved its declaration as International Tourist Interest by the General Secretariat of Tourism in 02.

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