Francisco urged politicians "to seek the common good"

Francisco urged politicians "to seek the common good" -

Pope Francisco held its third Midnight Mass in the Vatican with which he launched the Catholic faithful from around the world a clear message: you need to provide a sober and simple behavior in a "frequently drunk consumer and pleasures society"

This Mass had special meaning then. is held under the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, and precisely this was one of the values ​​most defended in his homily, with which began the rites of Christmas.

"that in this holiday the Lord give back hope to those who do not have jobs and sustain the commitment of those who have public responsibilities in the political and economic field to be committed to the common good and protect the dignity of every human life ", today called the pontiff his Christmas message from the Basilica of San Pedro.

in a place full of circumstantial references speech, Francisco spoke before a packed square and asked that "Israelis and Palestinians to resume direct dialogue and reach an understanding that allow the two peoples to live in harmony ", while included among its demands the current problems in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Ukraine.

" Where God is born, is born hope. Where God is born, comes peace. And where peace is born, there is no room for hate or for war. However, precisely there where the Son of God came into the world, continue to tensions and violence and peace remains a gift that should be asked and build, "said Jorge Bergoglio before giving his blessing" Urbi et Orbi "from the same balcony that looked out on March 13, 2013 after being elected leader of the Catholic Church.

"Let the Israelis and Palestinians to resume direct dialogue and reach an understanding that will enable the two peoples to live in harmony, overcoming a conflict that confronts them for so long, with serious consequences for the entire region, "he asked.

In this direction, the Holy Father called on the faithful to ask" the Lord that the agreement reached within the United Nations actively pursue quell the clash of arms in Syria and remedy the dire humanitarian situation of the exhausted population. "

" it is equally urgent that the agreement on Libya find the support of all so that serious divisions and violence afflicting the country are overcome, "said the pope, who also struggled" for the cessation of atrocities "in Iraq, Yemen and sub-Saharan Africa.

in his Christmas blessing Francisco also recalled the "hit by the atrocious terrorist acts, particularly in the recent massacres occurred in the skies of Egypt, Beirut, Paris, Bamako and Tunis"

Fuete.; Telam / EFE

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