Islamic State organization claimed responsibility for the attacks

Islamic State organization claimed responsibility for the attacks -

The extremist group Islamic State (EI) today claimed responsibility for the attacks yesterday in Paris in which the least 127 people died and over 0 were injured and warned the French that while they remain in the crusade against the jihadist group "the smell of death," he pursued.

"Eight brothers wearing explosive belts and guns attacked selected targets accurately in the heart of the French capital, "the Sunni group said in a statement written in French and Arabic and distributed on the Internet.

in addition, the extremist group warned that as long as" the crusade " against the jihadists will be among the objectives of the group.

"you know France and those who go on their way they will be ahead of the objectives of the Islamic State and the smell of death will not leave their noses while lead the crusade campaign "against the jihadists in Syria and Iraq .

the statement justified his threat because, according to the jihadists, the French "dared to insult the prophet (Muhammad) and boasted to fight Islam in France and attack the Muslims in the land of the caliphate with its planes, which did not help them at all in the streets Paris. "

" This battle is the first and is a warning to those who want to learn from it, "the message released by the news agency EFE .

among the targets attacked, the terrorist group highlighted the Stade de France, during a match between "crossed" France and Germany and attended by the French President, Francois Hollande.

also highlighted the theater Bataclan, "where hundreds of apostates were concentrated in an amoral concert and debauchery" and other targets were attacked simultaneously in the X, XI and XVIII of the French capital districts.

"shuddered Paris (...) the streets narrowed and the number of victims of the attacks was at least 0 dead and more wounded crusaders, thank God, "continues the statement.

also said that the terrorist organization the attackers activated their explosive belts amid the infidels "after they ran out of ammunition."

"we hope that Allah will accept them among the martyrs and take us with them to us too," his statement .

in addition, the EI called France "capital of debauchery and vice and bearer of the banner of the cross (referring to Christianity) in Europe."

at least 127 people They died and over 0 were injured in several attacks recorded last night in Paris, with three explosions near the Stade de France, where France-Germany friendly match was played; hostage-taking in a party room and shootings in several restaurants

Source:. Telam

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