African tour: Pope landed in Uganda, its second destination

African tour: Pope landed in Uganda, its second destination -

The Pope Francisco landed with his entourage at the airport of the city of Entebbe at 11:18 time (Argentina) after leaving Kenya, a country that leave with a message in which he urged the authorities to ensure education and work for young people to avoid stop "seduced" by the violent groups that recruit them in the name of religion.

Upon arrival was greeted by President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni , then the two heads of state will move into the official residence for a private meeting.

to Jorge Bergoglio is his eleventh international travel and the first to Africa, and for the same will travel 11,727 kilometers and deliver 19 speeches between homilies and greetings.

he became the fourth Pope traveling to this continent after Paul VI (Uganda, 1969) John Paul II , he visited 42 African countries, and Benedict XVI .

The Vatican confirmed on several occasions the intention of the Argentine pontiff to visit the three countries, including Central African Republic (RCA) even though in recent months they have experienced new outbreaks of violence and to threats of possible attacks.

in this country will come next Sunday and will conduct a visit to a refugee camp, victims of the civil war, in a brief to leave the next day back to the Vatican step.

in dialogue with Cara y Cruz father Javier Soteras , who accompanies the Pope for his tour in Africa, summed up his speech before leaving Nairobi: "the Pope spoke from Kenya to Argentina and the world. "

he argued that" the center of his speech was linked to the issue of corruption in the political class and society as a whole ".

during one visit to a slum in the capital of the African country, Francisco criticized "the external colonialism operating on these lands, and also the internal, because many people associated, which are those not interested in anything, and end by settling processes of people seeking a path of liberation and growth, "said Soteras.

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