The European Union will discuss the allocation of 0 thousand refugees

The European Union will discuss the allocation of 0 thousand refugees -

Interior ministers of member countries of European Union (EU) decide whether to accept the Monday morning distribution of 0,000 asylum seekers who landed on the shores of the continent this year, a debate that will expose the tensions that sparked the current refugee crisis.
not long ago, the EU argued unsuccessfully in Brussels the possibility of dividing 40,000 refugees to all member states contribute to cope with the massive influx of people Middle East and Africa fleeing wars, violent conflict and state repression.
Tomorrow, European authorities again try and now the Commission European (CE), a sort of executive branch of the blockade, upped the ante and added another 0,000 refugees, a figure that however is very small when you consider that only in so far this year and entered the continent more than 366,000 refugees and immigrants, according to the UN.
"We feel that the events of recent weeks can change the position of certain countries. The reaction of civil society has led to a more open and more solidarity between countries spirit, "assured Community sources to the news agency EFE.
Formally the 28 member countries approve the commitment agreed at the summit last July to distribute among them 32,256 asylum seekers, and reiterate their willingness to revise that figure in December in order to reach the total of 40,000 people requested by Brussels.
So much for the consensus among member countries of the EU.
public statements by several governments and unofficial versions that transpired from other executives allow anticipate that tomorrow the 28 states of the block will not agree on the request of the EC President, Jean-Claude Juncker, to absorb between everyone another 0,000 refugees in the next two years.
for example, the Romanian Minister of Interior, Gabriel Oprea, announced today that it will vote against the system of mandatory quotas proposed last week Juncker.
"I have the clear command by the president, prime minister and government, to put it modestly but with dignity: Romania respects the initial commitments received 1,785 immigrants and, of course, to vote against the mandatory quotas, "said Oprea to local media , quoted by EFE.
The Romanian government is not alone in this position. What support other countries in Eastern Europe such as Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. UK, meanwhile, also remains reluctant to join the European plan.
Furthermore, the debate tomorrow in Brussels will also expose that even the member countries that have been receiving refugees want to start curbing the flow of people They crossing their borders. Among this group include Germany, France, Austria, Sweden.

Source: Telam

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