US reopens its embassy in Cuba in another step closer

US reopens its embassy in Cuba in another step closer -

The act of reopening the US embassy is a historical fact that complete the opening of the Cuban delegation in Washington.

the first step again, lifting the trade embargo was held on July 20, in a ceremony that was attended by over 500 guests and where the Cuban authorities claimed, that United States he enacted in the early '60s alignment Cuba with the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Since the US presidents Barack Obama , and Cuba, Raul Castro , announced last December 17 the restoration of relations, Washington revoked several restrictions, but only those who depended on the decision of the White House.

blocking was sanctioned by the US Congress and it is that power that you have to lift, which is not easy in the midst of an electoral process for the presidential elections of 2016, in which Democrats and Republicans use Cuba as a element of the campaign to succeed Obama.

Indeed, Republicans have abroquelado the refusal to lift sanctions, arguing that it would "validate the Castro regime, but there has been an opening democratic. "

while from the democratic Party, the frontrunner Hillary Clinton has raised end now with this block.

In fact, since it was announced defrost to this opening of embassies, one month away from one another, the most outstanding fact is the decision to remove Cuba from the list of enablers countries of terrorism, which Washington had included the argument had given refuge members of the Basque separatist group ETA and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), in addition to harboring fugitives US

. Source: Telam

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