Germanwings co-pilot was on medical leave

Germanwings co-pilot was on medical leave -

Düsseldorf Prosecutors said Friday that the copilot investigated by voluntarily crash the plane Germanwings in the French alps had a medical certificate of sick leave that had broken and hidden from the company.

the track is the result of the searches that were conducted at the home of Andreas Lubitz and their parents, where other documents showing that he was in psychiatric treatment was also found.

official information endorse published by the German newspaper "Bild" which states that the co-pilot would have killed 150 people, including three Argentines, spent six months under psychiatric treatment before completing their training.

in 08 Lubitz had to leave his training as a pilot for a "depression severe "that was also treated for a year and a half.

the Lufthansa, which owns Germanwings airline said Thursday that" the pilot had passed all his tests and all medical examinations. "

"He was one hundred percent fit to fly without restrictions," said Carsten Spohr, head of the company slogan newspaper today World of Spain in its web version.

to Carlos Sorini researcher aviation accidents, the causes that may have triggered the air tragedy must be explained as a failure in communication between the company, the area of ​​operations Germanwings and co-pilot himself, who hid his health.

the specialist believes that from the fact that has shocked Europe, the continent's countries seek to establish new security measures including the possible incorporation a third pilot.

Source: Telam

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