Law enforcement officials Pursuit of Stolen Cruiser Around Los Angeles Ends in Shooting

Typically the high-speed pursuit of a taken cruiser came to a remarkable end in a Southern California highroad Sunday after officers rammed the patrol unit and after that opened fire, authorities proved.
The officer-involved shooting took place at the end of the chase as soon as the driver of the stolen cruiser motorcycle was cornered in an underpass in Glendale, Glendale authorities confirmed.

Police began following a stolen police cruiser in the western world Covina area Sunday with 9: 45 p. meters.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff Department said that West Covina police were in pursuit of their particular cruiser, and that no ARE GENERALLY County Sheriff's units have been involved.
The driver reach excess speeds of a hundred mph, as well as drove around the wrong side of the highway, weaving on and off of SoCal freeways.
The pursuit reached a dramatic end on Jackson and Colorado Roadways in Glendale.

The operater of the cruiser entered a great alley and officers rammed the car.
The driver arised reverse and sped in reverse through they alley just before officers wedged the cruiser motorbike with their patrol units. Often the suspect hit the gasoline, and the tires began smoking cigarettes as they burned rubber.
Representatives approached the cruiser together with guns drawn at 15: 45 p. m.
A great officer-involved shooting occurred. Police force did not say whether the suppose opened fire on them.
Police officers also did not immediately reply to the driver's condition.
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